Subtle πŸ™Š Lies We Tell Ourselves πŸ™‰ That Are Defeating Us in Life 🌎 ...

There are so many subtle lies we tell ourselves that ultimately hold us back in life. According to Bright Side, we deceive ourselves every day, which limits ourselves from living a life we deserve and prevents us from achieving and succeeding. We do this without even knowing it, but making a conscious effort will result in positive thoughts and a change of perspective. So, what subtle lies are you telling yourself? Here are the top lies that are holding you back.

1. I Am a Victim of My past

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You’re not a victim of your past, but you’re a victim of your present because of your past. Of course, the actions that you took earlier define you. But obsessive patterns of former times and nonstop analyzing of what has already gone can lead to even more mistakes. Your past will haunt you if you let it. Remember: dwelling on the past takes you away from the present.

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