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7 Empowering Attitudes Every Girl Should Have ...

By Suzana

The promotion of gender equality and leadership is gaining more strength and it is important for girls to have empowering attitudes. Women around the world must support each other, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai and Emma Watson’s beautiful UN speech in September must serve as inspiration for all of us. If you are interested in this fight and believe in girl power, please check out the following empowering attitudes to learn from, to inspire you, and to share with others:

1 Speak up

One of the most important empowering attitudes is to be willing to speak up and be heard, especially when it is for a noble cause. No girl should be afraid of exposing her ideas and thoughts either to one person or to a larger audience. A girl who expresses her opinions and is not intimidated by divergent ideas or respectful critique earns respect.

2 Be a Leader

Leadership is not being bossy or feeling superior to others. A good leader inspires and is responsible for bringing a team together. A leader is a group representative who in addition to being a good listener is also a problem solver. Be a good leader, and you'll inspire those around you to look at women in a new light.

3 Be Independent

Girls are many times expected to be fragile and dependent, which is not entirely a bad thing. However, a powerful woman can distinguish which situations require her to be fragile and when she should be independent, regardless of her being single or committed.

4 Keep Informed

A powerful girl is witty and is thirsty for information. When she dominates a field of interest, she is not only able to share knowledge but is also confident to debate and stand for her rights. Remember: information is gold! Seek it out, and learn!

5 Work Hard

It is no secret that success is the result of hard work and every girl should follow her dreams and try her best to achieve anything she wants. Many people will say powerful people had luck but in fact, luck plays no role if you're not diligent enough. So roll your sleeves up and empower yourself!

6 Respect Others

In order to be respected, a girl needs to be respectful regardless of how she is being treated. You cannot impose respect using force or any other tool different from the one you expect to receive back. When a girl is humble and willing to listen to others’ points of view, she raises her chances of also being heard.

7 Be Confident

Lack of confidence can easily lead a well-prepared person to failure and sometimes, even make you doubt your own convictions. More important than having the attitude is to be aware of qualities and be humble to acknowledge flaws. When a girl is aware of her full potential, she can achieve much more and naturally become a powerful lady.

There are several empowering attitudes to embrace but these are the ones I think represent girl power most. What is your perception of empowerment and how do you think girls should behave to protect their rights?

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