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7 Ways to Stop Overthinking Everything You do ...

By Vladlena

Categorizing yourself as an overthinker is not a bad thing because there are some benefits to being one, but it is important to set a limit on analyzing by following ways to stop overthinking. When you think through something, you twist information in your head until you have visualized the situation from every angle and perspective. While sometimes it aids in making the right decision, other times it can cause unnecessary stress and complicate things. So before you stress yourself out and go overboard, here are 7 ways to stop overthinking everything you do.

1 Realize That Perfection Doesn’t Exist

No matter how hard you try, you will never reach the point of perfection. That is not because you are not good enough, but because perfection just doesn’t exist. Striving for it will only cause problems and stress, therefore the sooner you’ realize that perfectionism is overrated, the simpler and clearer your life will become. One of the first ways to stop overthinking is realizing that nothing is ever ideal.

2 Limit Your Thinking Time

When making a big and important decision we often tend to hesitate to make a choice right away, therefore we take our sweet time. However, our deliberation time is often extended and the longer we think about the decision, the harder it becomes to make one. To avoid an extended period of suffering, try to set a limit. For example, tell yourself, "I will reach my decision by 3 o’clock tomorrow.” Once you set a time and date, follow it and don’t push back the deadline!

3 Think about the Bigger Picture

When it comes to overthinking, we tend to focus on the problem and we forget about the bigger picture. Ask yourself whether this decision will matter months down the road, and if the answer is 'no,' then what is the point of stressing yourself out? Make a quick decision and go on with your day. However, if the answer is ‘yes,’ think about how each option will affect you in the future.

4 Distract Yourself

Sometimes the best thing to do before facing a situation is getting your mind off of the thing you can’t stop thinking about. This way you can de-clutter your mind, and then come back to your dilemma with clearer perspective. So if you are contemplating a decision, don’t be afraid to take your mind off of it.

5 Talk to Others

If you really can’t stop overthinking to the point where it keeps you up at night, the best thing to do would be to talk to someone you trust. Once you approach a family member or a friend, he or she can tell you what they think and whether they believe you are overthinking the whole thing. Your loved ones always have your best interests in mind, so don’t be afraid to ask them for help.

6 De-stress

Overthinking and overanalyzing things can cause a lot of stress and almost put you in a state of depression, which is why it is important to avoid a breakdown and let go of the negative buildup. One way you can de-stress your body and mind is by exercising. It is hard to overthink when you are sweating and gasping for air, so hit the gym when you are stressed!

7 Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Chance

Sometimes the only thing that we can tell ourselves when overthinking a decision is to take a chance and let fate decide everything. If you are contemplating two different things, choose either one because if you can’t make up your mind, the outcome of either one can’t be so bad. The only way to stop overthinking and overanalyzing a problem is to finally make a decision and put it at rest.

While careful planning of a decision is often necessary, there is a limit to overthinking. Stressing out about one problem can be detrimental to your ability to focus, causing you to make an irrational decision. What are some of your tips when it comes to overthinking?

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