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7 Ways to Discover Who You Really Are for Girls Finding Themselves ...

By Clarrie

Beginning from puberty in our early teenage years, many of us have a tendency to be introspective about our personalities, constantly trying to figure out who we truly are and what our purpose is in life. There are lots of ways to discover who you really are.

Of course, these kinds of questions are endlessly deep and may never be truly answerable, but there are plenty of ways and things that you can do to try to discover more about who you really are and what kind of standing you hold in the world around you. If you are somebody who is thinking about embarking on a road to self-discovery, then take note of these effective ways to discover who you really are.

1 Dedicate Time to Yourself

girl, student, One of the best ways to discover who you really are is to spend time alone. Rather than doing endless things for other people, commit to spending time just for yourself. It is only when you turn your attention fully onto yourself that you can truly start to discover who you are as a person.

2 Ask the Hard Questions

photograph, black and white, beauty, model, monochrome photography, Don’t shy away from asking yourself all of the big questions in life, the kinds of questions that you might shy away from answering if somebody else had asked you. Questions like "what do I not like about myself?" and "what can I do to change my state of mind?" The more challenging the question you ask and the more answers you come up with, the more enlightened you will be.

3 Keep a Journal

black and white, photography, monochrome photography, sitting, monochrome, It’s impossible for a person to remember every single thought they have in a day, but you can keep an insightful record with a detailed journal. You will be able to look back on this journal and slowly began to recognize patterns, things that you think about often and things that you might want to work toward changing about yourself.

4 Reflection

human hair color, eyebrow, beauty, chin, blond, After reading your journal back, it’s time to sit and really reflect on your life and your actions up to this point. What choices have you made to get you to this point? What decision might you want to make in the future to get you to where you want to be?

5 Forgive Yourself

human hair color, blond, girl, long hair, brown hair, Nothing good can come from harboring resentment for certain choices that you might have made in your life. The trick to discovering who you really are is in being able to forgive yourself for your past mistakes, leaving you light and free to move onto another, more refreshing chapter of your life.

6 Move on

photo caption, gentleman, And this new chapter can only begin once you commit to moving on. Once you master the mindset of leaving one thing behind to begin another, your best and truest traits will come to the fore, to help you with the process.

7 Start over

spokesperson, newscaster, girl, professional, newsreader, Sometimes the only way to truly discover who you are is to start completely from scratch. This can mean many different things - ending a bad relationship, starting a new career, moving to a new city…whichever type of starting over applies specifically to your situation.

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