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Interesting Ways a Personality Test Can Help You ...

By Bethaya

There are several ways a personality test can help you. Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? But more than that, have you been wondering if it’s okay to be so different from what’s considered “normal”?

I’ve been debating about when to bring this up but it is a part of my whole theme of confidence. So, what are the ways a personality test can help you?

I was introduced to the MBTI personality test during a tough time in life. Now before someone says anything about this:

1 I Know the Personality Test Didn’t Really do Anything. I Make My Life Better

2 I Know That It Doesn’t Define Me

3 I Know That I Shouldn’t Build My Whole Life around What My Personality is Believed to Be

But, have you ever read something and it hits way too close to home?
That’s when you know something is right.

I want to talk about the four ways taking a personality test helped me.

1 Validation

When I read that description, I felt like everything going on in my head was on the paper in front of me but I hadn’t written it down. I felt so much relief.

I spent my whole life wondering what was wrong with me. Why am I so different? Why are my goals different than others? Why do I care more about others than myself? Why do I always end up hurt?

Then I found out that I am a member of the rarest personality type. There are less than 2% of people like me on this Earth. That’s why I felt so misunderstood.

2 It Put into Words What I Couldn’t

Trying to explain how you feel to someone who doesn’t remotely understand is difficult. It can be hard for others to empathize with something they’ve never experienced. They might think that you are being dramatic. But having a well-written guide with tons of research on it helps a lot.

It makes people think that you really felt that way. It gives something concrete.

3 It Taught Me My Weaknesses but Celebrated My Strengths

One major plus to this whole system is that it is supposed to help you. Once you know your type, you can find scales of what a healthy person with that personality type should look like.

It talks about the weak spots in your body. It tells you what diseases or disorders you are prone to. And it all makes sense.

At the same time, it taught me what was special about me. It helped me believe that the traits people exploited or disliked matter.

4 It Continues to Help Me Understand Others

The whole system is based on how you interact with the world around you and how you interpret the information given to you. It tells you that most of the world works more with their senses. Relying on intuition is not nearly as common.

It’s all slightly complicated but it’s so interesting. I can read about other types and learn how to interact with them in the best way possible. It also gives me the resources to spread this knowledge to others.

I used this information to better myself and I want you to have the same opportunity.

Link to Test:

Warning: it is common to mistype. Make sure you answer based on what you would actually do and not what you hope you would do.

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