7 Reasons You Might Have a Wall around Your Heart ...


Do you have a wall around your heart? Many people do, making it hard for you to let people in and for others to get close to you. Do you understand why it's in place? Perhaps there was a singular, traumatic event that caused you to build emotional walls around your heart, or perhaps those walls are the product of systematic hurts over the years. There are hundreds of reasons you might have a wall around your heart, but these are the most common – and understanding them might make it easier to let people get close to you, when their intentions are good.

1. Your Heart's Been Broken

When your heart has been broken by someone careless or cruel or even kind, it hurts. It's easily enough to make you build a wall around your heart. You don't want to fall in love again, for fear of experiencing that same level of pain. It's easy to spout cliches about how it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, and in time you'll realize that. Be protective of your heart until it heals, but don't let those walls keep you from experiencing true love when it finds you.

You've Suffered through the Death of a Loved One
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