7 Reasons Women Get Called Sluts and Why It Needs to Stop πŸ™… ...

Women get called sluts for so many different reasons, and it honestly needs to stop. They're all so bogus. Who's the judge of what's slutty and what's not? Why does anyone need to judge another woman based on their own standards? A woman can enjoy sex, making out, and flirting without being called a slut. She can wear makeup, high heels, and short skirts, too, and none of those things make her a slut, either. Here are some of the most ridiculous women get called sluts – along with a shut down of each one.

1. If You Wear Tight Clothing, You're a Slut

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Did you know that what you wear says something about your sex life, preferences, and desires? Yeah, me either. The same goes for short skirts, dresses, and shorts, anything that bares your skin, high heels, low-cut tops … so much of what women wear is up for judgment. In reality, of course, a woman can wear whatever she wants. A virgin can wear tight clothes. And no, it doesn't make her a tease. Miss me with that.

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