7 Reasons Women Get Called Sluts and Why It Needs to Stop ...


7 Reasons Women Get Called Sluts and Why It Needs to Stop ...
7 Reasons Women Get Called Sluts and Why It Needs to Stop ...

Women get called sluts for so many different reasons, and it honestly needs to stop. They're all so bogus. Who's the judge of what's slutty and what's not? Why does anyone need to judge another woman based on their own standards? A woman can enjoy sex, making out, and flirting without being called a slut. She can wear makeup, high heels, and short skirts, too, and none of those things make her a slut, either. Here are some of the most ridiculous women get called sluts – along with a shut down of each one.

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If You Wear Tight Clothing, You're a Slut

person, room, profession, classroom, speech, Did you know that what you wear says something about your sex life, preferences, and desires? Yeah, me either. The same goes for short skirts, dresses, and shorts, anything that bares your skin, high heels, low-cut tops … so much of what women wear is up for judgment. In reality, of course, a woman can wear whatever she wants. A virgin can wear tight clothes. And no, it doesn't make her a tease. Miss me with that.


You Might Be a Slut Simply Because You're Physically Attractive

person, film, religion, theresahigherpowerthat, will, Are you pretty? Do you have a beautiful face? Long legs? Large breasts? Full lips? A nice body? Some people automatically think you're slutty, then – just because of the way you look. If you're attractive, you must be slutty. What else are attractive women good at, right? WRONG.


The idea that women who are physically attractive are automatically labeled as “sluts” is a damaging and outdated stereotype that needs to end. This type of slut-shaming is rooted in the notion that women are sexual objects and that their worth is based on their physical appearance.

In reality, physical attractiveness has nothing to do with being a “slut”. Women who are attractive are just as capable of making smart and healthy decisions about their sexuality as any other woman. They are no more likely to be promiscuous or engage in risky sexual behavior than any other woman.

In addition, physical attractiveness is subjective and varies from person to person. What one person considers “attractive” may not be considered attractive to another person. Therefore, it is unfair to label all women who are physically attractive as “sluts”.

Slut-shaming is a form of sexism and can have serious consequences for women. It can lead to feelings of shame, guilt, and low self-esteem. It can also lead to depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts.


You Have Breasts, a Vagina, and a Butt

vision care, eyewear, glasses, eye glass accessory, sunglasses, Some people – men and women – will judge you specifically because of these attributes. Large, full, high, or shapely breasts are an indication of slutty behavior. A nice derriere is, too. And for some people, the mere presence of a vagina makes a woman a slut. A part of our anatomy is the reason we're treated as less than and dirty.


The term “slut” is often used as an insult to degrade and belittle women, and it is rooted in a deep-seated culture of sexism and misogyny. Women are judged and shamed for their bodies and sexual behavior, and this is especially true for women with breasts, vaginas, and butts.

When a woman has large, full, high, or shapely breasts, she is often seen as promiscuous and slutty. This is because of the long-held belief that a woman’s body is something to be controlled and regulated, and that any display of it is an invitation for sexual advances. The same is true for women with nice derrieres, as it is seen as an indication of promiscuity. And for some people, the mere presence of a vagina makes a woman a slut. This is based on the idea that a woman’s body is something to be ashamed of and that any display of it is an invitation for sexual advances.


You Are Sexually Active and Talk about It

person, singing, hairstyle, supermodel, profession, It's bad enough for a woman to be sexually active – you'll get all sorts of hate for that, especially if you're not “ready for sex,” which to some people means “ready for a baby.” Being sexually active also makes you slutty, of course, because only sluts have sex outside of marriage, I guess. Talking about it is even worse. It must mean you're proud and you're bragging, right? Nah, not so much, but some people have very strange philosophies.


Society has this twisted idea that if a woman embraces her sexuality, she's shooting up the "not to be respected" flag. It's like they don't understand that sex is a normal part of life — even more, it's a healthy one. And dare she have the courage to discuss it openly? The double standards zoom in! Guys get high-fives; gals get side-eyes. But let's face it, sex isn't the problem — it's the archaic mindset that shoves women into a box labeled "pure" or "tainted," with no in-between. It's high time to trash that box, don't you think?


You've Had More than One Partner

hair, person, facial expression, human hair color, red hair, Maybe it's two. Maybe it's ten. Maybe it's thirty-five. Know what? It doesn't matter. It's nobody else's business, in the first place, and in the second, there is nothing wrong with having more than one partner. Nothing.


You Wear “too Much” Makeup

hair, person, hairstyle, profession, Let's, Mind you, “too much” is subjective. A full face of flawless contouring might make some people call a woman slutty. A simple slick of red lipstick stands out like a red flag for others. In any case, it's ridiculous. The amount of makeup you wear has absolutely nothing to do with your sex life.


You're a Lesbian

person, human positions, sitting, You, shouldn't, I won't even pretend to understand this. There are so many things wrong with it – but then, there are all sorts of things wrong with all of this.

This is why it's so important that women stop slut-shaming each other. If women do it to other women, there's no way men will ever stop.

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Very nice article :) gud job n I totally agree with u..

? That's not the definition of a slut, I agree with these points but the definition of a slut is someone who has many casual sex partners

Its sad ppl will talk about girls anyway if u do those things or no ,

#2 some pretty women are beautiful some are ugly. men are no different. We are all humans. race creed color or religion, it don"t matter

I understand all of the points she made in the article and I strongly support it. But if that's the case, then what is that makes someone a slut?

Like the true things

Nothing, slut is a term created by men to punish women for being rightfully promiscuous

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