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In a tech-savvy world where everything is digital and people constantly have their phones glued to their hands, it may seem impossible to spend a minute without your trusty gadgets--cue the many reasons to put your phone down, starting now! We get that sometimes your job may require you to be constantly on call, but if you have some down time from work, do yourself a favor and hit the power button. Just small portions of time each day away from your phone can be extremely liberating, and I'm here to show you why. Check out this list of reasons to put your phone down:

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You're Missing the World around You

Work reasons and emergencies aside, there are several valid reasons to put your phone down...the great world around you being one of them. Sitting inside on a beautiful day glued to social media and staring at the artificial light from your screen is really just an upsetting scenario. There's gorgeous nature all around you--go soak it up and enjoy every moment.


Sedentary Lifestyles Are Bad for Your Health

Get moving, ladies (and gents)! The past half hour you just spent on your phone you could've spent doing yoga, Pilates, or any workout of your choice. Actually, we'll do you a favor and give you a pass here--there are so many apps that help track your footsteps, burned calories, or even video apps that show step-by-step fitness moves, so if you're going to be on your phone, download apps like these and get a move on!


Social Media Has Been Linked to Envy

Logging on to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter may lead users to compare themselves to others by how many "likes" someone gets on a photo or status or what someone else is doing and taking pictures of. An article from Today Tech explains that researchers have found "users [are] mainly envying happiness of others, the way others spend their vacations and socialize." Keep in mind though that your "friends" may be beefing up their accounts to make their lives more glamorous than they are, so enjoy your life as it is instead of ranking it among your social media friends.


The constant exposure to highlight reels on social platforms can ignite feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction with our own lives. Researchers indicate this stems from a subconscious comparison to our peers. Yet, much of what is showcased is a curated version of reality, often embellished for the digital audience. It's crucial to remember that the number of likes or the perfect snaps from someone else's getaway aren't accurate metrics of real life happiness or success. Embrace and cherish your unique journey, free from the skew of online portrayals.


You're Less Approachable when You're on Your Phone

Phones have become like a security blanket and the perfect way to occupy ourselves in social situations. If you've ever been at a party or busy public area or event and spent the time looking down at your phone to avoid looking "awkward" and alone, it's time to break the pattern. Put your phone in your purse and go strike up a conversation with someone new, or at the very least, stand confidently and let them come to you.


It's Rude

Have you every been out to dinner and your friends/dinner guest had their head buried in their phone? It's so rude! Make sure you're never on the opposite end of this scenario and put your friends off with your rude phone-using habits. The same goes for talking on the phone--if you're in public, keep your conversations short and sweet, and if you can, call the person back at a different time.


You Can Help Provide Clean Water

The UNICEF Tap Project is a program that challenges you to put your phone down in an effort to donate clean water to children in need. Log on to uniceftaproject.org on your cell phone, see how long you can go without your phone, and make a small donation--just $5 can provide clean water for 200 days to children without.


Better Sleep

You may have heard the studies that the blue light emitted from screens can reduce your ability to fall asleep, but when you think about it, surfing the internet and social media mindlessly before bed is prolonging the time that you could be getting a good nights sleep. Instead, set aside a chapter or two of a new book to read each night before bed and have that be your final send-off instead of browsing Instagram.

To be fair, phones come in handy for several obvious reasons. With the development of new apps and programs, we can keep up-to-date on the latest news and quickly research something we don't know the answer to. Smart phones are truly fascinating however, they can also force us to be more sedentary or feel jealous of other peoples' vacations or weekend plans. If you're on your phone now (thanks for visiting the AWS app!), put it down and go enjoy the world around you!

sources used: today.com

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All I do is read on my phone

Sadly...I'm using my phone to read this article...

Lol! We need this.

Nice.. Im trying to stay away from my phone (more often) or even thinking of turning it off most of the time. lol! :)

I LOVE this post!! It is all so true and sad the way we are absorbed into our technology every day all the time!! I am going to put my phone down right now!

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