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7 Reasons to Stop Keeping up with the Joneses ...

By Alicia

Keeping up with the Joneses is a trap that many people fall into at some point in their life. It can happen easily enough. You look at the possessions that others in your social circle have and want to have the same items or possibly ones a bit better. But there are some very good reasons to stop your attempts at keeping up with the Joneses.

1 It Isn’t Possible

One reason to stop your attempts at keeping up with the Joneses is because it is rarely possible. Just when you think that you have everything you need to win the game, someone else gets something better. It is an endless game that you never really win. You are constantly struggling to keep up. There is no way to win at this game.

2 It Robs You of Joy

Trying to keep up with the Joneses can rob you of joy. You don’t get to enjoy your possessions because you have your eyes on everyone else’s. You are constantly wondering when you will have to upgrade. You don’t get to enjoy what you have. You are distracted by making sure it is nice enough to stay on top.

3 It’s Exhausting

Keeping up with the Joneses is exhausting. It is a never ending game. You never really win. Right when you think you have everything in order to be on top, someone else in your social circle will get something newer, better or more expensive. This competitiveness can really wear a person down.

4 It Isn’t Important

Keeping up with the Joneses really isn’t important in life. It may seem like it at the time but it isn’t what matters. What matters are your loved ones and inner contentment. Of course you need to have enough financial means to have what your family needs, but getting into a competition with finances is pointless. It is best to steer clear of those that try to pull you into this game.

5 It Leaves You Unsatisfied

You will never find lasting satisfaction in trying to keep up with the possessions of others. You will be uneasy thinking that they may get ahead of you in this game. Your mind will be busy thinking of how you can keep up. You are much better off thinking of things that bring you happiness and pleasure. That includes things you enjoy doing or work that brings you contentment.

6 It Isn’t an Accurate Picture

Let’s talk about another point of keeping up with the Joneses. You aren’t seeing the full picture. You see the outside image but not the credit card bills that are maxing out and bills that are past due. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into the same financial mess. Remember that those around you may not be doing as well as they act like they are.

7 You Won’t Find True Happiness

Possessions are enjoyable. Everyone knows that. But when you are hit with a crisis in your life, you are suddenly reminded that they aren’t what is most important. People are important. Relationships are important. That is what you should really invest in.

Have you ever felt tempted to try to keep up with the Joneses? How did you deal with that feeling? I would love to read about your experiences.

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