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There are many reasons to be an honest friend that are beneficial if you want your relationships to be deep and meaningful. Some relationships simply come with ease, and I have found that those that tend to last have honesty and trust at the core! We all can appreciate when others are honest with us, and while there are times when you may need to cloud the truth during certain circumstances, personal honesty is generally best. Keep reading for some great reasons to be an honest friend!

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Depth of Relationship

One of the best reasons to be an honest friend is that it creates depth in your relationships. When you're not honest, your friendships tend to be fake and not worth investing any time in. However, when you share your heart with the people that matter most, in a loving and truthful way, it creates an honest and real relationship!


Level of Trust

It's difficult to trust people who are not honest with you- you never know what they're really thinking! Relationships won't last if they are built on lies and deceit. Even if the dishonesty is small, over time it builds up until you realize you can't trust the other person anymore. Without trust in a friendship, you have nothing.


It's Real

I love friendships that are real, where you know the other person is genuine and open with you about who they are and how they view the world! When you get to know a person, it's easy to tell when they're being fake and disingenuous. Sometimes it's just a personality thing, but whatever the reason may be, having fake friends is not worth anyone's time. Be real yourself and select friends who are genuine and honest!


It's Challenging but in a Good Way

Being honest is challenging at times. Sometimes it's not always well-received or it may come across in a way that wasn't your intention. It's important to still place value on honesty by showing truth in love and respect. True friends will cherish your honesty and be personally challenged and appreciative of it!


It Makes You Dependable

Friends who are always there for you are ones who can be trusted! Honesty breeds dependability. You can count on people whom you have established trust in and vice versa. Be a dependable friend by being an honest one and keep close to you the ones who show the same in return.


Your Friendships Will Last

People come and go in our lives constantly. It's how life works; when seasons change and people move away and move on with life, our relationships change as well. The ones that last, even through distance and change, are the ones that have depth and trust through years of honest living.


It Shows Love

Being honest with your friends and family simply shows that you care enough about them to share what's true. Often times honesty is harder than a lie, but many things in life that are worthwhile are hard! Show love by being honest and kind- real friends will appreciate you for it!

Sometimes being dishonest with people is the right way to go, especially when you're being protective of another person or you know it's something a friend needs to hear in a very fragile moment. The point is to discern those moments and generally speaking, it's best to be honest and trustworthy in life and in your relationships! Do you have anything else to share?

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