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Independent thinkers are not commonplace in today's culture, however there are outstanding reasons to be an independent thinker based on the qualities they posses! Even if thinking independently doesn't come naturally to you, there is some benefit to thinking outside the box, apart from what's commonly accepted. If you know someone who is an independent thinker, you probably know how intelligent they are and how they question everything. Here are some great reasons to be an independent thinker that might just get your gears going!

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To Uncover the Truth

One of the best reasons to be an independent thinker is that many of them are in a constant search for the truth- and not necessarily what's commonly known as truth. Our world and culture are always changing and things are being discovered daily that were once not known. Search out the truth for yourself by reading, researching evidence, and knowing the difference between biased and sound information. It's much more fulfilling to reach a place of realization for yourself than to simply take the ideas of the masses.


Independent Thinkers Are Visionaries

Those who rely on their own mental abilities are always in their head- thinking, exploring, and imagining. Independent thinkers are visionaries. They lead the way to new systems, bypass popular trends and norms, and explore new ways of doing things by learning how to make them better and more efficient. These visionaries are also innovators. Think of creative minds such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett, and Mark Zuckerberg. All of these creative people were/are ambitious innovators who think independently!


They Are Self-Confident

Being independent and assured of your own intelligence means you exude self-confidence. You know your abilities and have confidence in your strengths. Confidence is always a desired attribute- it makes a person very employable, reliable, and efficient. Remember to be humble at the same time because no one likes an overly confident and cocky person. Instead, be humbly assured of your strengths by not letting your intelligence and abilities get the better of you!


They Don't Believe Everything They Hear

Have you ever known someone who believes every new fad or takes the opinions of just one person as being absolute truth? These people are easily swayed by information that may be littered with misinformation. It's best to be a questioner and think for yourself before coming to a definite conclusion about what's true or possibly true. Your mind acts as a filter, so to speak, when you think independently and don't automatically accept everything you hear.


They Don't Conform

I think it's safe to say that we all like to be seen as unique individuals with varying talents and attributes- it's what makes us special! With that being said, it's also easy to get caught up in popular culture trends and conform to what's "in." I generally think of fashion trends that are ever-changing, popular hobbies and activities, and just new ways of doing life that gain popularity, such as medicinal, food, or exercise trends. While these new trends may be fun to explore, independent thinkers don't like to conform to what's normal or "in." They are unique in how they approach life and how they process it. Select what's beneficial and interesting to YOU without regard to what everyone else is doing.


They Are Analytical & Strategic

Independent thinkers are the go-getters- they analyze everything and are strategic in how they move forward! Being an independent thinker means you're able to assess situations more quickly with clarity of thought before moving forward- this means less procrastination and more productivity. Who doesn't want that? I've always been a procrastinator and I'm sure many of you can relate, however procrastination breeds stress, which isn't healthy!


The Constant Search for Knowledge

And lastly, one of the best attributes of an independent thinker is that they are constantly in search of knowledge. This is something we should all strive for, even after college where knowledge is structured. Make time for learning new things, reading books and articles, and gaining as much information as you can. This is something I greatly admire about my husband, he's a forever-learner and I wish that came naturally to me as well!

You don't have to be labeled as an independent thinker to have some of the characteristics listed above! Which one of these reasons struck you as most important or interesting? If you're an independent thinker yourself, would you like to share with us any more positive attributes?

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I love this article. as i have learnt to open my mind and search for knowledge and truth. i never believe in what i hear anyways.

Always be independent when it come to ur thoughts and doing the right thing always as women trust that gut instinct it's usually right on point

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