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7 Reasons Why It's Never Too Late to do Anything ...

By Alison

There are lots of very good reasons why it's never too late to do anything. People may think they're too old for something, or that the time has passed for it to be feasible. But thinking like that stops you from experiences you'd love to have, and leads to plenty of regrets. So if you've ever thought that you've missed the boat, here are some excellent reasons why it's never too late to do anything …

1 Where There's a Will

My favorite reason as to why it's never too late to do anything is that if you really want to achieve something, you can find a way. Nothing is truly impossible if it's a reasonable ambition (we're not likely to make millions or become famous). The biggest obstacle to achieving what we want is convincing ourselves that we can't do it. So start thinking about how you can achieve what you want.

2 For the Fun of It

Sometimes you should just do things for the fun of it, even if it seems that it's too late. It almost certainly isn't. Perhaps you wish you'd toured South America when you were younger. Unless you have family or work commitments, there is very probably no reason why you shouldn't still make that trip. Start learning Spanish and saving hard. You may even be able to travel with your kids or take a sabbatical from work.


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3 Expiry Dates Don't Exist

Stop thinking that you have to do things by a certain stage in your life. Life most certainly doesn't stop when you hit 30, 40, 50 or beyond. Traveling, studying, starting a business - all are achievable at any age.

4 What Other People Think Doesn't Matter

People may think you're too old to get a Harley or go backpacking around the world. Or they say you should have started your family when you were in your 20s. But what other people think doesn't matter. Do what makes you happy, wear what you like, and don't let the opinions of others hold you back. Perhaps they wish they had the courage to do what you want to do.

5 A Different World

The stages of our lives used to be much more clearly defined but the world has changed, and with it our concept of what ages mean has changed. When women are having children in their 40s, and octogenarians are doing degrees, it's now possible to do things that you were expected to do only when younger. Now you don't need to be limited by your date of birth.

6 Accessible

These days, we have a lot of opportunities available to us, in many cases more than earlier generations. When so much is accessible to us, time should not be a problem. We can make the most of our lives, whatever our age may be.

7 Avoid Regret

Finally, if you take the view that it's never too late, you won't have any regrets. The saddest thing in life isn't trying something and finding out that it's not for you. It's not trying it in the first place and wishing forever that you had. Think that it's too late for you, and you won't have the chance to find out if you would have really loved what you wanted to do.

I don't believe in being held back by thinking that it's too late. If I'd thought like that, I wouldn't be writing this from Spain. I was nearly 40 when I moved, which some might consider too late to make a major change. But I love my life here, and I'm so proud of myself for making that change. What would you love to achieve with your life?

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