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7 Reasons Why Integrity is Important ...

By Alicia

There are so many reasons why integrity is important in ourselves and in life in general. While integrity does still exist today, it is not as prevalent as it was in times gone by. Integrity could be defined by saying it is the type of person you are in your inner self when no one else is looking. It is the essence of who you choose to be when hard choices press you and there are some choices that may not be as moral. Let’s talk about some reasons why integrity is important to work on achieving within ourselves.

1 It Makes You a Better Person

One of the reasons why integrity is important is that it makes you a better person. Integrity captures what we do when no one else sees. Do we make the right choices? Are we selfish or selfless? We should all be working to create a sense of integrity in ourselves.

2 It Gives You a Good Reputation

Integrity is also important because it gives you a good reputation. Of course, those who are truly pursuing integrity will see this as a fringe benefit and not actual motivation to become this way. You cannot help but have a good reputation when you are a person of integrity. A person of integrity is a very moral person. That is a value that always helps to give you a better reputation.

3 It is a Dying Virtue

Integrity tends to be appreciated even more in this day and time because it is uncommon. Many people try to make the right choices but with selfish motivation. True integrity is when a person will want to do the right thing simply for the sake of doing the right thing. The good thing is we can all choose to pursue integrity. It is never too late to learn.

4 It Shows Who You Really Are

Integrity shows your true character. It reveals so much about you without you ever saying a word. People always appreciate actions that are born of integrity. I think that deep down we all want to have good values. We also appreciate them in other people.

5 People Will Appreciate That about You

Integrity is always appreciated. If you are a person of integrity, it is not a trait that people will forget. You will be remembered for it. People will think of you with fondness. This is something we all desire.

6 It Can Help You along in Life

Being a person of integrity has many benefits. It will help you along in your life. One example is that you will be known for this virtue. It may help you in your career or even your marriage. A person of integrity will reap benefits of it.

7 It is the Right Way to Live

Being a person of integrity is just the right way to live. I hope that I always pursue integrity. It is a choice I want to make for my own self. You feel so much better about yourself when you choose to live with integrity. You know that you treat others right and that you do the right thing.

These are 7 reasons why integrity is important. What are your thoughts on this subject? I would love to hear them!

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