9 Quotes to Help You Get through the Day ...


9 Quotes to Help You Get through the Day ...
9 Quotes to Help You Get through the Day ...

Everyday isn’t always as easy as the last, so it’s important to have wise words or quotes to help you get through the day. If we didn’t have wise historical figures say things that many people need to hear, I think life would be a lot harder than it is today. Thankfully, wonderful role models have left their marks, and shared their inspirational words. Keep reading for a few quotes to help you get through the day.

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“You Don't Develop Courage by Being Happy in Your Relationships Everyday. You Develop It by Surviving Difficult Times and Challenging Adversity.” -Epicurus

This is one of the greatest quotes to help you get through the day! Don’t be afraid to face your fears and endure hard times, because that’s what develops courage and an admirable character.


“Life is Pretty Simple: You do Some Stuff. Most Fails. Some Works. You do More of What Works. if It Works Big, Others Quickly Copy It. then You do Something else. the Trick is the Doing Something else.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

I love this quote. Some days we get complacent and feel that since we’ve accomplished great things so far, that’s enough. Well, it’s not. It may be enough for today, but what about tomorrow and the next day? You have to keep moving and keep up the good work.


“the Truth Will Set You Free. but First, It Will Piss You off." -Gloria Steinem

This quote cuts deep. To make it through the day and through your life, you have to accept what comes your way. Face the truth. It may sting or piss you off, but in the end you’ll appreciate it.


“Kind Words do Not Cost Much. Yet They Accomplish Much.” -Blaise Pascal

Most great, successful, and influential people have been known for their kind words. A simple and kind word could change someone’s life. Imagine being the person who changes someone's life with a kind word.


“We Cannot Live Only for Ourselves. a Thousand Fibers Connect Us with Our Fellow Men; and among Those Fibers, as Sympathetic Threads, Our Actions Run as Causes, and They Come Back to Us as Effects.” -Herman Melville

This quote has helped me get through a few rough patches. This society praises independence, uplifts self-sufficiency, and shuns dependence. While self-reliance is definitely important, it’s also important that we realize we all need each other for something. Don’t be ashamed for accepting someone’s help. Pride keeps us from accepting and giving help when it’s needed. The quote is a reminder to live not only for ourselves, but for our community.


“Keep Away from People Who Try to Belittle Your Ambitions. Small People Always do That, but the Really Great Ones Make You Feel That You Too Can Become Great.” -Mark Twain

Isn’t that the truth?! Choose your friends wisely. Surround yourself around people who accept you, support you, and help you be a better you.


“Wise Men Speak Because They Have Something to Say; Fools Because They Have to Say Something.” -Plato

It’s important to distinguish between the two. A fool speaks lots of meaningless words, and you’re wasting your time when you listen to them. Keep wise company.


”if You Can See Your Path Laid out in Front of You Step by Step, You Know It’s Not Your Path. Your Own Path You Make with Every Step You Take. That’s Why It’s Your Path.” -Joseph Campbell

It’s hard to get through the day when you’re uncertain of what’s next, but remember this quote. Uncertainty is just a sign that you’re walking your own path, and that’s a good thing.


“Finish Each Day and Be Done with It. You Have Done What You Could. Some Blunders and Absurdities Have Crept in – Forget Them as Soon as You Can. Tomorrow is a New Day. You Shall Begin It Serenely and with Too High a Spirit to Be Encumbered with Your Old Nonsense.” -Emerson

This last quote will help you get through the day, because even if you had crappy day or you’re uncertain about what’s to come, you can be certain that tomorrow you can have a fresh start and you can decide how it goes. Deal with your circumstances; don’t let your circumstances deal with you.

Keep these quotes in mind, and I’m sure your day will be a lot easier to get through. Which of these quotes was your favorite? Did any of them challenge or inspire you to finish the day off better than you started?

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6,7,8 thank you so much! What a perfect thing to sleep on &#x 2764;&#x 27b0;

Just what I needed!

@Brit this has always been one of my favorites!!

Love it

Definitely makes me think twice about how I want to start off tomorrow.

I love number six, n iits just a reminder to let me kno that, liike my bf, to b around people that wanna see u do qood n betteriin urself.

1, Thank you so much :)

great! thanks!

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