7 Powerful Toni Morrison Quotes to Push You through Life ...


7 Powerful Toni Morrison Quotes to Push You through Life ...
7 Powerful Toni Morrison Quotes to Push You through Life ...

Toni Morrison is a famous novelist, editor, and professor. She's an incredibly intelligent woman who has plenty of things to say. According to Essence, here are a few of her most powerful quotes:

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Love When you finally feel love, it'll change your entire life.


Passion and Skill

Passion and Skill You need both if you want to succeed.


Falling in Love

Falling in Love Love should make you a better person, after all.



Freedom Don't you agree?



Stories You're in charge of your own story, so make sure it's a good one.



Definitions Don't let anyone define you, because you're whoever you want to be.



Beauty This is from one of the most influential novels of all time, so you know it's true.

What's your favorite Toni Morrison novel?

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Would be nice if I could actually see the quote. Mine was truncated 😬

@Nychicky, try tapping on the pic, it makes it smaller

My favorite is "Passion is not enough neither is skills, you need both skills and passion to be successful.

The woman is a total diva!

This new format does not work for me, I used to liked this app but is not the first time since the format change that I'm not able to read the posts. Very disappointing.

That woman is a genius!

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