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7 Powerful Toni Morrison Quotes to Push You through Life ...

By Holly

Toni Morrison is a famous novelist, editor, and professor. She's an incredibly intelligent woman who has plenty of things to say. According to Essence, here are a few of her most powerful quotes:

1 Love

LoveWhen you finally feel love, it'll change your entire life.

2 Passion and Skill

Passion and SkillYou need both if you want to succeed.

3 Falling in Love

Falling in LoveLove should make you a better person, after all.

4 Freedom

FreedomDon't you agree?

5 Stories

StoriesYou're in charge of your own story, so make sure it's a good one.

6 Definitions

DefinitionsDon't let anyone define you, because you're whoever you want to be.

7 Beauty

BeautyThis is from one of the most influential novels of all time, so you know it's true.

What's your favorite Toni Morrison novel?

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