The 7 Shortest Inspirational Quotes You'll Ever Hear ...


The 7 Shortest Inspirational Quotes You'll Ever Hear ...
The 7 Shortest Inspirational Quotes You'll Ever Hear ...

You don't have to sit through an hourlong speech to be inspired. There are quotes that are short and sweet that'll motivate you. Here are a few brought to you by that are only 6 words long:

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Be Yourself

Be Yourself You're the only you that exists. That means you can do what others can't.


Temporary Circumstances

Temporary Circumstances Life changes. It isn't always going to make you feel like it does right now.


Don't Hesitate

Don't Hesitate Never hesitate to follow your dreams, no matter how big they are.



Challenges Don't be a big fish in a small pond. Go out there and challenge yourself.



Fountain Doesn't that say it all?


Laugh, Don't Yell

Laugh, Don't Yell Make it your mission to be happy more often than you're angry.


Say Yes

Say Yes Don't turn down amazing opportunities. Take advantage of them.

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Just do it

Great be yourself but change is also good!

"Never, never, never, never, never give up." Winston Churchill

Amazing!!! Followed just b/c of this article

I can only see half of the images on my phone, does anyone else have this problem?

Aspire to inspire before you expire

I haven't had any problems seeing the whole images. They're perfect as usual. Maybe u 2 have the same type phones??

This is great!... But when you have kids, suddenly, you can't always follow YOUR dreams anymore.

I love these so much,

@SamG Yes, I have the same problem!

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