Quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt to Live by ...


Quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt to Live by ...
Quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt to Live by ...

There are so many great quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt. What is your favorite quote? I don’t have just one. As time passes, the quotes we need to hear change. Roosevelt has some pretty timeless ones that might just become your new favorite.

In school, I wasn’t really taught about this Roosevelt and all the great things she did or said. I only knew her in reference to her husband. A fate many inspirational and intelligent women have faced.

So I was intrigued when I found out that we share the same personality type. And from there, I found mountains of quotes that triggered something for me.

So, here are my current top five quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt:

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“We Are Afraid to Care Too Much, for Fear That the Other Person Does Not Care at All.”

This is about the classic, “I’m going to give up/end it because I don’t want to get hurt”. Fear is a powerful weapon that can overwhelm you.

It’s the natural fight or flight instinct. But sometimes, in order to really grow you have to stick it out and fight. You have to care and put yourself out there.

Easier said than done, right? This is one of the best quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt.


“in All Our Contacts It is Probably the Sense of Being Really Needed and Wanted Which Gives Us the Greatest Satisfaction and Creates the Most Lasting Bond.”

Everyone wants to be wanted. Some people just want to fix others. It’s a cause for them. They look for those who are broken and make it their mission to save them. But on that quest, make sure you don’t become broken too.


“Hate and Force Cannot Be in Just a Part of the World without Having an Effect on the Rest of It.”

This quote is a lesson that humankind has been trying to learn from the beginning. You ignore it, it comes for you. You get involved, it hurts you.


“when Will Our Consciences Grow so Tender That We Will Act to Prevent Human Misery Rather than Avenge It?”

This is one of those moments where you want to say, “You tell them, Eleanor!”.

Being proactive is always better than being reactive.


“Perhaps Nature is Our Best Assurance of Immortality.”

This one is just beautifully haunting. I saw exactly what she was talking about after reading the quote. I pictured the Earth healing itself and adapting. Nature has always been there. So there’s a good chance that it always will be.

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