5 Stellar Ways to Break out πŸ‘Š of Your Comfort Zone 😬 for Girls Afraid 😱 of Trying Something New ...

Comfort zones, aren’t they a wonderful thing? Yes! But every girl needs some ways to break out of your comfort zone.

The personal boundaries that we set for yourselves can bring us a lot of comfort throughout our lives, keeping us safe and free from anxiety. However, every expert in the world will tell you that it isn’t particularly productive to spend your entire life never trying to break out of the comfort zones that you have created for yourself. It is only by experiencing life outside of your comfort zones that you can learn or experience anything new, and as human beings, it is important to always be active and aware of things beyond your limits. Here are five easy ways to break out of your comfort zone.

1. Change Your Attitude

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One of the best ways to break out of your comfort zone is to adjust your attitude. Start off not by doing anything physical, but more an experiment with your mind. Take a leap of faith and commit to seeing things in a very different way than you usually do. This could be to do with politics, romance, or your job. Rather than staying passive, strive to be a more active thinker and you might find that by challenging your own ideas you can make some really interesting personal progress.

2. Get Help from Your Friends

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Breaking out of your comfort zone can be a huge ordeal if you try to do it alone, that’s why you should enlist the help of your closest friends to take your hand and guide you over the line. If you’re scared of snakes, get your friend to take you to the reptile house at the local zoo. If you have anxiety about large crowds, go to a concert with your closest pals so they can give you assurance all the time.

3. Trust Your Gut

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Do you sometimes have the urge to try something new or exciting but always end up failing to convince the rest of your body? It’s in these small moments that your gut is trying to get you to break out of your comfort zone. It might be a battle of wills between your gut and your head, but sometimes you just have to surrender to your instincts and let your gut lead the way!

4. Take It Slow

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I’m not saying you have to cure a fear of heights by climbing Everest on day one! Even just making the decision to try to break out of a comfort zone is a big first step. Take things slowly and don’t expect amazing, life-changing results immediately. It’s a long process in which your mind will need to become accustomed at every step, and you’ve got all the time in the world!

5. Accept Vulnerability

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Lots of people put up comfort zone walls because it makes them feel in control, but once you accept the fact that it’s completely natural to feel vulnerable in certain situations, you will start to understand that vulnerability and a slight nervousness are normal reactions to trying something new, quickly followed by excitement and satisfaction!

It’s good to dip your toe in the water but sometimes you need to dive right in. You might swim but if you start to drown, there’s always someone there to save you.

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