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7 Psychological Habits You Need to Adopt ...

By Alison

It's a good idea to review our lives every so often and decide where we need to make changes. Often the changes we need to make are psychological rather than practical, such as avoiding putting things off. If you get into the right way of thinking, you'll be a happier, more productive person. So these are some of the psychological habits you need to adopt …

1 Valuing Yourself

The first thing you need to do is value yourself. We may get into relationships that aren't good for us because we fear being alone, or think that we're lucky to have anyone at all in our lives. Start thinking that you deserve to be treated well in your work and personal lives, and other people will start to value you.

2 Taking Action

Are you forever putting things off? I'm an expert procrastinator, so this is one thing that I need to improve upon … some day! So let's all start taking action instead of thinking that we'll get around to it one day (which never comes). Sometimes all it needs is a small step, and you'll then find it easier to take the next step. And before you know it, you're achieving plenty!

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3 Saying No

Are you always taking on too many responsibilities? Do people always turn to you when they need favors or a loan? You get no thanks for being a doormat, so start saying no occasionally. If you don't have the time or the inclination (or the money), politely refuse. People may get cross, but saying no can be very beneficial for you.

4 Avoiding Futile Arguments

Arguments generally don't lead to anything other than a bad atmosphere, so fighting is usually futile. Learn to recognise when an argument is about to erupt, and practise ways of defusing the tension. If someone is determined to fight with you, don't give them what they're looking for; it'll only make you stressed and angry yourself.

5 Confidence

Do you see confident people and wish you were like them? Then start acting confident. You may need to fake it at first; a good tactic is to pretend you are someone you admire and behave how you think they would. It's surprising how quickly that feeling of confidence becomes a natural one for you, so start faking it and the real thing will follow!

6 Being Thankful

So often we're more aware of the negative things in our lives than the positive ones. Life is never perfect, so focus on the good aspects of it instead. Appreciate the positive things in your life. You might have very little money, but have awesome kids or friends that are always there for you. That's worth so much.

7 Responsibility

At what point do we grow up? Many of us don't really take responsibility for ourselves, even when we're well and truly grown up, but expect our parents to bail us out or look to our partner to fix everything. So start taking responsibility for yourself and taking charge of your life.

You might think that you're stuck in your ways, but you can actually change your way of thinking. You don't need self-help books or a guru to do that; it's actually quite simple. You just need to get into these good psychological habits. What do you most want to change about your habits and way of thinking?

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