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Show Some "Me" Love This is What You Should do for Yourself This Spring ...

By Alicia

Are you dying to treat yourself after such a long winter? Go ahead! There’s hundreds of ways you can do that. here are 7 ideas to get you started on giving yourself some love.

1 See “the Longest Ride”

“The Longest Ride” is based upon a book of the same name by the king of bittersweet romance, Nicholas Sparks. This story is that of two couples, a young couple falling in love and facing adversity on every side and an older couple whose life and love is a picture of strength and beauty. The story pulls you in until your heart is completely wrapped up in the story of Luke and Sophia, and Ira and Ruth. As someone who loved the book, I can’t wait to watch the movie. It has all the makings of a perfect date night or a girl’s night out.

2 Shop for Rain Boots

With spring comes spring showers. Don’t get your feet wet when everything’s a muddy mess; shop for new rain boots. There are so many creative designs that you can choose from. You can choose a sporty plaid or a feminine floral pattern. With as many patterns as are available, there’s sure to be something you love.


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3 Go for Frozen Yogurt

Nothing says warm weather like frozen yogurt, right? Let hot chocolate rest till fall and get your favorite frozen yogurt with all the toppings. Popping into your local Orange Leaf is the perfect way to treat yourself. Whether you’re a girl who needs her fix of red velvet or you’re more of a plain Jane vanilla girl, you can’t go wrong with fro-yo. Doesn’t it always make your day a little brighter?

4 Design Your Flower Bed

You may not be able to plant flowers just yet but you can do some brainstorming about them. Use this time to design a new layout for your flower bed. Maybe you want the layout to be different or you want a completely different type of flowers. This is a great time to think this through and start prepping. Getting the ground ready is something you can work on now. There’s just something about digging in the dirt that’s very therapeutic.

5 Treat Yourself to Philosophy’s Live Joyously

Spring is the perfect time for a new fragrance. You want something that celebrates everything lovely about this time of year. Live Joyously by Philosophy is a new floral fragrance that does just that. It combines notes of tangerine, pink peony and warm patchouli to deliver a light fragrance that’s perfect for spring. And you won’t be able to pass up on the shower gel and body lotion in the same scent.

6 Get a Sassy Spring Haircut

Getting a new haircut is always a great way to give yourself some love. It makes you feel great and gives your self confidence a huge boost. Spring is a time when many women go for something just a bit edgier than their norm. I’ve decided on a shaggy bob like Julianne Hough’s wearing on this season of “Dancing with the Stars” for my spring cut. Paging through Pinterest can give you inspiration for a cut you love.

7 Enjoy the White Sands of Destin

Ready for a beach getaway? If so, slip down to Destin, Florida. The sands are white and the sun is warm; what more do you need? This is a beautiful area for a spring vacation, especially since the rates at most places don’t go up until late May or early June. Catch some rays while lounging on the sugary sand.

These are some great ways to give yourself some love this spring. Which ones do you plan to do? What other ways do you love to treat yourself?

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