7 Positive Truths to Tell Yourself Each and Every Single Day ...


Certain truths to tell yourself at the beginning and end of each day can keep you honest, motivated and at peace more than anyone else's perception of you ever will. I used to live under the imprisonment of living in perfection for others. I couldn't find my own truth, but once I freed myself from the pain of living to please everyone but myself, I found more happiness than I've ever known, and have better relationships with other people. No one can change your life but you, and no one can change the way you perceive yourself, except you. Other people may affect how we look at ourselves, and what we tell ourselves about life and our worth, but we shouldnโ€™t let those voices overshadow our own. Be sure before you let anyone change how you feel about yourself, that you take a look at these simple truths to tell yourself each day that can keep you content far beyond what anyone else deems you are worth.

1. You Are Worthy of Love

As someone whoโ€™s dealt with a low self esteem all her life, I used to let love come from others only, and never experienced one of the most important truths to tell yourself, which is that I was worthy of love. In my mid-twenties, I learned that I was worthy of love, regardless of how much I had lost love before. After telling myself this, I was able to let go of a life long eating disorder, constant battles of insecurity and inability to live out my passions. I realized I was completely worthy of love and most importantly, that meant learning to love myself first, before expecting others to.

You Are Worth Fighting for
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