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Small Ways to do Good for Others This Year ...

By Heather

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s often easy to forget about lending a helping hand, but finding ways to do good for others can not only cultivate goodness in the lives of others, but also make you happier. You might consider thinking about finding ways to make room in your schedule to do a few good deeds a week, or perhaps, just doing small things in your schedule as it is that don’t require a lot of time or money. Start trying a few of these ways to do good for others and in no time you won’t only be happier for it, but you will have positively changed the lives of others too. And isn’t that what life is all about anyway?

1 Listen to Them

One of the easiest and most positive ways to do good for others is to just listen. It’s easy to get caught up in ourselves and want to talk about us, us, us, when we see people, but how about letting them talk instead? Ever consider they might need to get something off their chest? This takes minimal effort on your part, but give them your full attention, and when you ask them how they’re doing, be sure you really mean it by listening to them effectively.

2 Fulfill a Need

Many of us hear friends and family tell us that they’re dealing with something, lacking something, or in need of something, but we rarely step up to the plate. If it’s as simple as not having a sitter on Friday night, or being short on grocery money, be sure you hear them, and think about fulfilling one of those needs. It’s easy to hear people talk about problems and us not consider we can or should help, but make a point to change that. While you don’t want to let someone take advantage of you, fulfilling a need once in a while is a great way to do good for others.

3 Invite Them to Dinner

Another way to do good for other people is to feed them! No, seriously, people will feel loved when you share your home and a good meal with them. If you can’t cook well, don’t worry as there are plenty of simple meals you can make, and no one said it has to be hard. If nothing else, order in, and just invite them over. Giving someone your time and feeding them too is a great way to open up the night to conversation, friendship, and giving them your undivided attention.

4 Send Them Cards

People send fewer cards these days and that’s a little sad. With the evolution of email, snail mail through the postal service has taken a backslide. So once in a while, do a little good and send someone a card in the mail. It will make their day, no doubt! Since no one gets much these days besides bills or junk mail, a card in the mail might just be what they need to turn around a bad day.

5 Volunteer

Another fantastic way to help people you don’t know is to volunteer- anywhere. You can volunteer anywhere around you that needs an extra body to serve someone. Whether it be at a soup kitchen, a school, a library, a church, a nonprofit organization, or even in your neighborhood’s organization, volunteering can help connect you to the community and also allow you to give to people you don’t even know that well.

6 Charity Walk

One way to give to others is to participate in a charity walk. There are many of these type of walks out there, ranging from cancer prevention and awareness, eating disorder awareness, diabetes walks, and walks to raise money for people of low income. Check with your community and in and around your city, and see what walks are available. Many occur in the spring, summer, and fall and are a great way to be active and help raise money just by putting one foot in front of the other.

7 Treat Them to Something

Finding small ways to treat other people to something is a phenomenal way to do good. For one, it puts a little spark in their day by getting a surprise they weren’t expecting. Treating someone can mean anything from baking them cookies, taking them to coffee, bringing them a hot meal, or even just offering to take them out for a day of fun.

Typically, most of us don’t realize how much potential we have to help other people. It’s often too easy to get caught up in our own lives, never giving thought to how much of an influence we can have on other people. Take some time this week to think about a few ways you can do good for others and don’t wait - just get started. You’ll see before long how big of a difference it makes in your life, and be much happier and healthier for it. What ways do you do good for others?

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