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7 Pearls of Wisdom from Grandparents Everywhere ...

By Cris

I am compiling some pearls of wisdom from grandparents that I heard and learned from friends, colleagues, and random people after I visited my grandmother's tomb in a recent visit to the Philippines. In the Philippines, we call our grandfathers "Lolo" and our grandmothers "Lola" and the two from my Mom's side were two precious human beings, who journeyed with me in my quest to be better in my personal and professional endeavors until they passed on. These are seven of those pearls of wisdom from grandparents that I find very useful now that I have my own family:

1 Save for the Rainy Days

I was so bad at money management that I would often run to my grandparents for additional allowance back in college. Mom was so strict about money and I could not squeeze anything from her even if I begged. One of the pearls of wisdom from grandparents that keeps ringing in my mind is this: "Save well for the rainy days, Cris. You really don't know when the sun will come out again to give you sunshine."

2 Don't Burn Bridges

My grandfather, Diosdado, told me that I should maintain good relationships with the people I work with because the world is round and I will meet the same people in my future dealings. He told me never to say anything bad about any person to other people and that I should serve as an ambassador of goodwill in all my endeavors. Tough job!

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3 May the Bridges I Burned Light My Way

But my grandmother, Patricia, has a different view. She noted some bridges need to be burned to light your way to growth and success. She said you don’t need to be nice to everyone especially when they are not nice to you. My grandmother said you have to burn bridges when you are being exploited, harassed, and ill-used.

4 Enjoy Your Children

Because they grow up so fast and in the blink of an eye, they will be leaving the comforts of your abode to start their own lives - sans you. My mother told me this when she visited me here in my home in China. She lives in the Philippines and I arranged for her to spend a week off with my family. “One day, I was just holding you as a baby. And now, you have babies of your own. Time flies really fast,” she said.

5 Smile and Laugh. a LOT!

No matter how many drugs and cosmetic products are available in the market, there is no substitute to laughter and smiles. They’re free!

6 Do What You Love Doing

My grandparents taught me that you have to find something you are so passionate about and find a way to earn a living out of your passion. My grandfather wanted to be a sailor but his father prevented him doing so. He ended up as a businessman doing buy-and-sell trading. He wasn't unhappy but he said if only he had been brave enough to voice his opinion, he would have been happier.

7 Cry

Lola Patricia said tears are necessary to cleanse your eyes so that you will see things from a cleaner, fresher, bolder perspective. It’s good for the heart too! Crying is not a manifestation of weakness. It’s a symbol of being rightfully human blessed with the abilities to feel, hear, taste, see, and smell. Crying is a good mix of all these five senses.

What are the pearls of wisdom you learned from your grandparents? Care to share them with us?

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