7 Limiting Beliefs to Banish for Good ...


We all succumb to feelings of inferiority and have those little voices in our heads telling us there is only so far we can go in life, but this is purely because we have set our own parameters and limitations and I would like to share some of these limiting beliefs to banish for good. These limiting beliefs can really determine how far we travel in our career and in our relationships but there are ways to turn them upside down.

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I'm Too Old

This is one of the most common of limiting beliefs that people have. We live in an age where we're almost made to feel that ageing is a sin, with the beauty industry making billions from our fear of ageing and desire to 'turn back the clock'. And whilst we all want to look our best, I don't think we should have a haemorrhage the moment we spot a wrinkle. Age equates experience and therefore means you have a lot to offer life. Remember, the time is now so banish the belief that your best years are behind you and know that you're ready now.


Everyone in My Family is Big so I'll Never Lose Weight

This is another one of the those limiting beliefs which means responsibility is displaced by telling yourself that it's not your fault that you can't shift the pounds. Whilst there may be some truth in genetics playing a part in weight gain, that doesn't mean that you can't lose the weight and there are many exceptions to the rule. Losing weight is hard, there's not doubt about it, but remember to think positively and surround yourself with the support you need to succeed


This Must Change

We all want certain things to 'change' sometimes and it's easy to think that there is something wrong with the situation and that it must alter accordingly. In the words of the wise and wonderful Maya Angelou however, if you don't like something, change it and if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. This is something which has always stuck in my head. Accept the way things are, because constantly refusing to accept things will leave you exhausted and depressed. Things can only affect us as much as we allow them to, so accept the things which annoy you and which you can't change and use your energy to take control of your life, rather than letting IT control you.


Suffering is Good

There's that famous saying, no pain no gain. And whilst I believe that you need to 'sweat' through a lot of stuff to feel the benefits, I refuse to believe that life should be a perpetual cycle of pain and suffering. Like many things, it's about your attitude towards things. Things don't have to be painful if you shift your attitude towards it.


I'm Not Good Enough

How many of you have said that to yourself? I actually caught myself saying that when I came out of a job interview and didn't get the role. We are all guilty of thinking that we're not as good as the next person and the truth is, there will always be someone more qualified than you in one way or another, but that does not mean you're not 'good enough'. Next time something doesn't go the way you had hoped, tell yourself that you did your best and the reason it didn't go to plan is because there's something better on the horizon.


I'll Never Be Able to Afford That

How many of us have seen something that we dream of having, only to be faced with that sinking feeling when we realise it's just too expensive? Rather than saying you'll never be able to afford it, why don't you ask yourself, HOW will I be able to afford that?


I Can't Cope with This

You know the saying: thoughts become things. This links with those sayings. If you believe that you can't cope then chances are, you won't be able to. Remember, there's no such word as 'can't'. I know there is but it's a word that we should banish from our vocabulary because you CAN do it and you CAN cope with whatever it is that seems insurmountable at the time. We're remarkably resilient creatures and it's amazing what we can cope with.

These are just some of limiting beliefs that can be damaging. They can prevent us from moving forward and achieving all that we're capable of. Can you think of any others? What limiting beliefs are you guilty of having?

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