Goofy Things Nerdy Girls do That Are Now Supercool✨s🆒 😜 ...


If you're a fan of BBC's Sherlock, you already know that brainy is the new sexy. It's no longer uncool to do the geeky things that most of us love to do. People in this day and age encourage each other to embrace their hobbies, so whether you love to read comics or watch anime, you can do so without shame. Here are a few nerdy things that are now considered incredibly attractive:

1. Correct Grammar

It used to be popular for people to use shorthand during text messages like "b4" and "gr8." While some shorthand is still used, most of the time people will actually write out the words that they're trying to say. They know that grammar and spelling are incredibly important. Nowadays, anyone who texts like they're illiterate is going to have a hard time holding a conversation.

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