8 Epic Goals Every Brilliant Woman Should Set for Herself ...


8 Epic Goals Every Brilliant Woman Should Set for Herself ...
8 Epic Goals Every Brilliant Woman Should Set for Herself ...

You are a woman. You are designed for great success and achievement. Just like anyone destined for great things, you need goals and a plan of attack. It is easy to fall off track and forget about what is important when you don't have goals in place to help you succeed. Here is a list of 8 goals every woman should have for herself.

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Good Credit

Having good credit is important on so many levels. A good credit score can determine the difference between low or high interest rate when you need a loan for a new car or to buy a house. Poor credit can also play negatively on your employment. Many employers check the credit history of potential employees. Bad credit could be the difference between you and the person who gets the job.



I know finances can be a touchy subject, but when we are talking about the future and setting goals, it is important to consider. Not only do you need good credit, you also need to set up savings. Experts like Dave Ramsey suggest your first goal should be to have $1,000 in an emergency fund. This is money that is used when your car needs repairs or you have an unexpected expense. Once you take that money out of savings you try to put it back in as quickly as possible. Your next savings goal should be to have two to three months of living expenses set aside in case you lose your job.


Eliminate Debt

Know the difference between good debt and bad debt. Student loans and a house payment are typically seen as good debt. Even car loans are okay. Ultimately you want to avoid carrying credit card debt month to month. After you have built up your emergency savings, work on paying off your credit cards by making larger payments.


Choose a Career

Notice I said choose a career, not get a degree. College isn’t for everyone. Some people graduate high school and are ready to start working full time. That is fine. My only suggestion is to choose a career where you have potential for promotion and can work toward new things.


Choosing a career is about aligning your passions with opportunities that allow for growth. Whether you opt for traditional employment, a trade, or decide to be an entrepreneur, make sure to choose something that excites you. Always strive to be the best in your field, seek out mentors, and never stop learning. Consider taking courses or obtaining certifications that will not only enrich your knowledge but also enhance your resume. Remember, the goal is to build a career you love, one that can grow and evolve with you over time.


Learn to Cook

I know that sounds incredibly sexist! I think everyone, man or woman, should know how to cook one complete meal to perfection. Well, maybe not perfection, we can’t all be Julia Child. But it does pay off to know how to prepare a delicious dinner for yourself and for guests.


Be Happy Alone

This might be one where many women struggle. We need to learn how to be happy and content with ourselves. If you have ever thought, “If I just had someone to love me, I’d be happy,” I am talking to you. You are wrong. The love of someone else won’t keep you happy. Sure, it will feel good for a moment, but until you learn to feel complete by yourself you will never be whole. Making you feel like a complete person and being the sole provider of your happiness is a lot of pressure to put on another person. Let that be your responsibility.


Live Healthy

We all want to live long and healthy, right? That starts with making good choices now. Eat well, move often and drink plenty of water. Of course, you can also enjoy your favorite treats and splurges, just remember to have these things in moderation.


Try New Things

Always try new things. Start simple. Go to your favorite restaurant and try something new on the menu. If that seems too easy, try a cuisine you’ve never had before. Still too easy? Plan a date either with your friends or with a special someone doing something a little adventurous. Keep an open mind when new opportunities come up. Different doesn’t mean it’s bad. You might discover something you never knew you loved.

Of course, we all have different goals in our lives. Goals are good, they help us to focus on what is important and achieve greater heights. We should always work toward improvement. What are some of the personal goals you are working on right now?

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To have faith in God

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@kim If you are 18 and in the U.S. you should be able to move out of your parents house at anytime.

Good list love #6 don't be that girl who " needs " to be in a relationship. Alone time allows you to grow and see who you really are :)

To get out of my parents house as soon as I have my 1st degree black belt. They driving me insane and its too hard to achieve anything now.

@sharon not everyone believes in God but I suppose it's a good goal for Christian women

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