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7 Habits of Genuinely Charming People ...

By Corina

If you want to be successful in your field, then you need to be charming. Even if we all know a lot of people who are rude, impolite or blunt who are still enjoying success in what they do, you should know that most people are usually drawn to people who are optimistic, agreeable, polite and kind - basically, the ones who are charming. If you are a charming person, people will be more likely to do business and build professional and personal relationships with you. Here are 7 habits of genuinely charming people that you should consider:

1 They Always Show You That They Are Glad to Meet You

Genuinely charming people are always glad to meet you and they are not afraid of showing you that. They make eye contact, they smile, they nod their head when you talk and they even mimic your body language, unconsciously, just because they are really interested in what you are saying.

2 They Are Not Afraid of Showing a Little Vulnerability

Successful and charming people are not afraid to show a little vulnerability sometimes. They don’t compete with anyone, only with themselves. That’s why they are not afraid of admitting that they are not perfect, that they have flaws and things they can work on, just like anybody else.

3 They Search for Agreement Instead of Contradiction

When you talk to someone, it’s so easy to look for points of disagreement rather than agreement. Charming people usually don’t like to disagree, and they respect opinions that are different from theirs. They like to give constructive feedback and they encourage people to share their thoughts and ideas with them, no matter how crazy or unrealistic these might seem.

4 They Use the Power of Touch

Nonsexual touch is one of those things that make charming people loved and appreciated by everyone around them. This kind of touch can be very powerful since it can increase compliance, it can influence behavior and it can make the person doing the touching friendlier and more approachable. If you work in sales, this is one of the tools you should use if you want to be successful.

5 They Always Pass the Waiter Test

You know what they say: if you want to know how a person really treats people, just take them to lunch. Then, simply sit back and observe how they interact with the waiter since this is a much better indication of their interpersonal skills than how they interact with you. Charming people treat everyone the same; they are always kind, respectful and polite.

6 They Are Great with Names

Charming people are great with names and they even remember small details about others. You always feel good when you interact with them since they always pay you attention, they make you feel important and they are really listening to what you are telling them.

7 They Ask Open-Ended Questions

Since charming people are really interested in what you are saying and they always try to get to know you better, they often ask open-ended questions so they can get you to talk openly about yourself. When you are talking to them, you feel important since they always ask sincere questions that allow you to answer in a more thoughtful and introspective way.

Charming people are not afraid of acting silly sometimes, they allow you to talk more about yourself, they never name drop even if they know a lot of important and interesting people and they treat everyone with kindness and respect. Do you know any other habits of genuinely charming people? Please tell us what they are in the comments section!


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