Lessons Napoleon Hill Can Teach You about Success ...


Before I launch into the lessons from Napoleon Hill, I should tell you who he is. Simplistically he is an author of self help topics. In reality, he is considered a pioneer of personal success literature and he’s pretty damned good too. When I let you know that some of the lessons from Napoleon Hill come from β€œThink and Grow Rich” – the best selling non-fiction English language book of all time – I’m sure you’ll sit up and pay attention.

1. We Learn How to Succeed

One of the lessons from Napoleon Hill is that success is a gradual process that works the same way we learn how to fall. We are supposed to fall and are supposed to learn how to balance. It is why so many older people seem to have money – it is because they have learned their lessons and are becoming successful because of them.

Your Path to Success Will Not Be a Straight Line
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