7 Jane Austen Quotes 💭 That Will Give You Life-Changing 🌎 Advice ...

I couldn’t list all of the reasons I love Jane Austen if I tried! But one of the main reasons is that her witty bits of wisdom she wrote down hundreds of years ago are still just as relevant today. Here’s just a taste of some of the wise words she has for you and me:

1. “Friendship is Certainly the Finest Balm for the Pangs of Disappointed Love”

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When you feel overwhelmed by the “pangs of disappointed love” your friends will always be there to comfort you. If they aren’t, they probably aren’t the best friends to have around. You should never feel embarrassed or awkward about asking for support after a break up. Set up a mandatory girls night filled with chick flicks and Ben and Jerry’s when you need to! You have Jane Austen’s approval, so what’s stopping you?

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