Inspiring ✨ Signs 🚥 Your Guardian Angel 😊 is near 🙏 ...


Most everyone views guardian angels as messenger from God. They are usually sent to give a person guidance or for protection.

There are other thoughts that show angels to be spiritual beings. They just exist in a frequency that is different from humans. They are here to help us find our true callings and to put us on the right path. Angels will love and support the ones they were sent to care for. They do this while being unseen. They give us signs to keep us on the right path.

Here are some signs that might seem insignificant and small but when you realize who sent them, they will bring you great joy.

1. Feathers

This is the most common sign that an angel is near. This hold especially true if the feather is found where feathers are not normally seen. Angels leave feathers to remind us they are near and watching us. This is very true if the feather is white.

Coins or Pennies
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