12 Signs That Someone is Truly Evil ...


12 Signs That Someone is Truly Evil ...
12 Signs That Someone is Truly Evil ...

Evil is around us at all times. Evil people might wind up draining you before you even realize they are evil. Here are some warning signs that will help you stop emotional abuse:

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They Always Twist the Truth

These people constantly twist the truth, take conversations out of their original context, create their own version, and choose specific information to spread their twisted tales in order to push their agenda.


Important Information Gets Withheld

They will keep certain information a secret. If you by chance find out this information, they will remove blame from them. They will then blame you for not trusting them.


Constantly Lie

They will lie to make themselves better or they might just lie for the fun of it. People are just throw away commodities for them. They don’t worry about hurting other people in the process.


They Can’t Live in Reality

They live in their own little world. This will create friction with their friends because they see things differently. Even though you know the truth, they only know their own false world.


Everybody around Them Gets Mislead

They know how to say everything to make you feel hated, stupid, or uncomfortable. Each interaction they have is to create their own selfish goals. They will manipulate your emotions to get control of you.


They Have No Remorse

Evil people like finding kind people that they can take advantage of. They are constantly calculating who are going to be the pawns in their little games. They can and will ruin anyone’s life and not think twice about it.


They Don’t Worry about Responsibilities

Because evil people don’t have any morality, they don’t see anything wrong with doing what they want, when they want. If the table ever gets turned against them, they will turn it to somebody else. They will also turn everybody else against the people who have wronged them.


They Manipulate

You might think you are smart, but an evil person is already miles ahead of you. They are calculating machines who keep their cool and can’t be caught off guard.


Their Motives Have Consequences

These people might suddenly begin acting nice to you. Never think for one second that they have changed. People who are emotionally vulnerable are their targets and they will control them to get their trust to be used at a later time.


They Will Take Your Time

Evil people take pleasure causing chaos in other’s lives. This might be things like constantly talking to you when you have more important things to do, upsetting you so much you can’t do your job, distracting you from what you need to do so you can focus on them. Their motive is to make you fail at everything so they will feel better about what they have achieved.


They Have Multiple Lives

Because evil people can never be honest, don’t worry if what you think about them is different from somebody else thinks about them. Evil people can be compared to chameleons that are continuously changing to adapt to their surroundings in order to reach their goals.


They Have to Be in Control

Because evil people look at people like they are pawns, they will become extremely agitated if you veer off their path. They are possessive and make you feel as if you aren’t in control of your life.

If there is someone in your life, or if you know someone who has evil people in their lives, pass this on to warn them. You could save someone from a life of misery.

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