Inspiring Maya Angelou Quotes for the Modern Woman ...


Inspiring Maya Angelou Quotes for the Modern Woman ...
Inspiring Maya Angelou Quotes for the Modern Woman ...

There are so many inspiring quotes from Maya Angelou. Women of this generation are lucky to be alive at this time. There are so many opportunities. Most importantly there are so many other women to look up to who broke barriers and did well for themselves and their generation. One of them is Maya Angelou. In honor of her 90th birthday let us look at the best inspiring quotes from Maya Angelou.

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I Am Grateful to Be a Woman. I Must Have Done Something Great in Another Life

She emphasised how proud all women should be of their femininity. It is an honour to be a woman. Be proud of that.


I Got My Own Back

It is important to be able to have a relationship with yourself. You have to be able to rely on yourself.


I Respect Myself and Insist upon It from Everybody. and Because I do It, I then Respect Everybody Too

It all starts with you.


What is a Fear of Living? It's Being Preeminently Afraid of Dying. It is Not Doing What You Came Here to do, out of Timidity and Spinelessness. the Antidote is to Take Full Responsibility for Yourself- for the Time You Take up and the Space You Occupy. if You Don't Know What You're Here to do, then Just do Some Good

Whatever your dreams get out and chase them.


Whatever You Want to do, if You Want to Be Great at It, You Have to Love It and Be Able to Make Sacrifices for It

You have to invest in what you want to do.


My Mission in Life is Not Merely to Survive, but to Thrive; and to do so with Some Passion, Some Compassion, Some Humor, and Some Style

To make our lives be meaningful and not just routine.


Nothing Will Work Unless You do

It is up to you to take care of all areas of your life.

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