Inspirational Sayings to Buck You up when You're in a Funk ...


Inspirational Sayings to Buck You up when You're in a Funk ...
Inspirational Sayings to Buck You up when You're in a Funk ...

I'm here with some inspirational sayings to buck you up. The following sayings are stuff to think about, especially when in a funk. From what you may see, there are people who have been there, just like you. Don't be sad. Think of this list as a new BFF. Read what they have to say with these inspirational sayings to buck you up.

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When You're a Good Person, You Don't Lose People...they Lose You


The Best Feeling in the Whole World is Watching Things Finally Fall into Place after Watching Them Fall Apart for so Long


A Flower Does Not Think of Competing with the Flower Next to It. It Just Blooms


Today, I Realized You Don't Care Anymore. and then I Realized, You Probably Never Did Anyway. and the Saddest Part of It All is That You Made Me Believe You Did


Be a Girl with a Mind. a Woman with Attitude, and a Lady with Class


Yes, I Overthink but I Also over-love


And if Today, All You Did Was Hold Yourself Together, I'm Proud of You


When You Can't Find the Sunshine, Be the Sunshine


Keep the Ones That Heard You when You Never Said a Word


Sometimes when Things Are Falling Apart They May Actually Be Falling into Place

Do you feel better? I knew you would! Could you relate? Sometimes our face-to-face friends are good to have, but sometimes they just do not know what to say. Hence, a list from complete strangers.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year!


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