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It’s frustrating when we don’t know the reason why we feel in a particular way. We don’t know why are we angry or sad, and we hold onto anything that we think will make us feel different and special. We end up getting attached to the wrong person and getting addicted to anything that may numb the pain. We let others dictate who we are and how we’re supposed to feel. Eventually, we lose ourselves without even noticing.

At some point in our lives we give up and that’s perfectly fine. We’re humans after all.. But we can start all over again. It makes us stronger not weaker. Understanding and loving yourself is the first step for achieving anything great in life and here some things that will show you how.


This is so important. We all wish to change things that happened in the past, but we have to forgive ourselves and move on. Don’t go hard on yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes. What’s important is how we react to those mistakes. We need to learn to forgive ourselves, and by doing so, we become stronger.


Meditation not only clears your mind, but it also makes you feel great. To sit down for 10 minutes daily and relax has huge, long lasting effects. You learn to be at ease with your thoughts and feelings, and you become more aware of everything around you.


Sleeping affects us physically and mentally; we need to get the best out of it. Sleeping early while wearing loose, cotton clothes feels great. You can also try wearing nothing or only an oversized shirt while sleeping which will boost your confidence as you get comfortable with your body. Love your body and never shy away from it.


You will always be misunderstood, and that’s why it’s important to be honest with yourself so that you can understand yourself when no one else does. If people misjudged you, then that doesn’t matter as long as you know yourself well and the reasons for your actions. You don’t need anyone to tell you how to act or feel. Just trust yourself with your feelings. Be your own best friend because no one will understand you as much as you will.

5. GO out ALONE❤️

Spending time alone is crucial. You get to know yourself and you learn to be content with yourself. Go shopping, for example, and try clothes you wouldn’t try in front of others. Go out and do things you wouldn’t normally do because you’re shy or nervous. You need to get comfortable with yourself so you can be comfortable with others.


You are a priority. Every day spend some time pampering yourself. For example, have a nice bath, practice a hobby, or do anything you love. Enjoy every single moment you spend alone. Focus on yourself and nothing else. Once you truly love yourself, you’ll be invincible and your best version. Don’t forget to embrace yourself through every step on the way. Inspire yourself and you’ll inspire others. ❤️

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