7 Important Questions to Ask Yourself before Giving up on Your Dream ...


7 Important Questions to Ask Yourself before Giving up on Your Dream ...
7 Important Questions to Ask Yourself before Giving up on Your Dream ...

Everyone has to face different obstacles in pursuing their goals and many of us might be tempted to give up when the going gets tough, but you should know that there are a few questions to ask yourself before giving up on your dream, questions that might make you change your mind. Even if you’re enthusiastic and very hard-working, you might still have to face a lot of challenges in your path. You’ll just need to learn how to overcome them and maybe I might help you with that by telling you a few things about those questions to ask yourself before giving up on your dream.

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Why Did I Choose to Pursue This Goal?

In my opinion the most important of the questions to ask yourself before giving up on your dream, is the one that can remind you why you chose to pursue that particular goal in the first place. It’s a very important question to ask yourself, because many of us might be tempted to forget how important that dream was to us, and we might let ourselves be overwhelmed by all the difficulties that we might face along the way. Just believe in yourself and you’ll be able to do anything you set your mind to!


Did I Set a Smart Goal?

A smart goal must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. You must know exactly why you want to achieve that dream, you must have a plan to do it, you must also have the right attitude, you must be willing to do the required work in order to succeed and you must also have a concrete time frame for completing that project. So, if you decide to give up on your dream,think if your goal is smart enough and if it really worth all your efforts and sacrifices.


What’s the Worse That Could Happen if I Don’t Achieve My Dream?

A lot of people are afraid of failing and that’s the main reason why they never give up on doing something even if after a while, their dream is not what they want anymore. If you do realize that your dream really means everything to you but you fear you might never achieve your goal, keep on trying because you never know what other benefits you might get - just like this famous saying: “Shoot for the moon, for even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”.


Am I Afraid of Succeeding?

I’m sure that everyone knows that with great power comes great responsibility but it can also be quite rewarding. It’s quite normal to be afraid of succeeding sometimes because you might fear you aren’t ready yet for all that responsibility and you wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone or especially yourself. It’s pretty normal to doubt yourself every now and then but you shouldn’t let that get in the way of fulfilling your dreams.


Am I Acting on Impulse Instead of Thinking Things through?

Sometimes our emotions can be quite overwhelming so that’s why in certain situations you might be tempted to act on impulse instead of thinking things through. To avoid that, try not to act in those moments of intense emotion like anger, fear or frustration, because you might regret your actions afterwards. First, you should try to sit back and figure out what are you feeling and why are you feeling this way.


Would My Life Be Better if I Give up on This Dream?

Maybe this doesn’t seem too motivational, but sometimes giving up on a dream that brings you more harm than good is the best thing to do. Try to figure out if your goal is unrealistic, if it causes you too much anxiety or stress or if it’s really what you want. Maybe you’ll find out that your dream wasn’t exactly your dream and that it was in fact what your family or your friends dreamed you would be. Would your life be better if you just give up on this dream? Think about it!


What Would You Tell Somebody else if They Were in Your Shoes?

Sometimes, the best way to approach a personal situation that causes you a lot of doubt and insecurity is by simply detaching yourself and by trying to think about what would you tell someone who is close to you, if they were in your shoes. Would you advise them to keep on going and never give up? Take a different approach on things and maybe you’ll find the solution to all your problems.

There are a lot of things you should ask yourself before you decide to give up on anything. I’m sure I didn’t mention all of them. So, can you give me a hand and tell us about other things we should consider before giving up? Do tell!


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This is full of what I would call timeless advice! #1 is so important to keep in mind, most especially if you find yourself succeeding, but also feeling less than satisfied as you go...it is so easy to find yourself pursuing a dream or goal that you've more or less adopted, and becoming successful, while that thing that you really want to achieve has been pushed aside. #6 is the toughest question of all, I think. As you pursue a goal, you may find that the energy, time and commitment separate you from family and friends. Sometimes, I think, this must happen if you are to achieve your dream: many of the most successful creative people had to constantly put THEIR needs first in order to reach their goal. While it is not popular to consider this today, sometimes you DO have to choose between you personal life and your goal. This doesn't necessarily mean "either/or" but it does mean taking the time to re-evaluate your goal as you move forward. I don't think you want to hurt yourself, or others close to you as you move forward.

Mase me think for a while

This is great ! I m really in this moment! Caught in the middle! I agree with the first question you put !

I say never give up on your dreams.. Sometimes they keep us going. With that said go out n give it a try not expect it to happen over night. But I say I would rather be broke doing what I live than doing something I hate n still struggling!!

I think number 1 is a good question because even if you do decide to go in a different direction, answering "why did I chose this dream" can give you insight and clarity into what might actually be closer to what you truly want, but didn't realize it would take a different route to get there.

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