7 Things You're Never Too Old to Believe in ...


7 Things You're Never Too Old to Believe in ...
7 Things You're Never Too Old to Believe in ...

No matter how many years you have under your belt, there are things you’re never too old to believe in. As we age, we can be torn apart by the world’s cruelty and forget about the beauty in life. We have to remember the innocence and awe we once possessed, and hold onto it. In case you’ve forgotten, here are the things you’re never too old to believe in.

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Patients with deadly illnesses have regained health and coma victims have woken up. Miraculous things take place everyday, so why can’t something great happen to you? Miracles are one of the things you’re never too old to believe in. You need to have hope that things will get better. Don’t ever think that something is impossible and that a miracle will never occur. They’ve happened before and they can happen again.


True Love

After getting broken up with and cheated on, you can start to doubt the existence of true love. It seems like every relationship ends, whether it’s a fling or a marriage. Love is a precious gift that can be difficult to find. But don’t all great things take a bit of hard work? You have to go through pain in order to experience pure happiness. True love isn’t just something you see in the movies--it’s real.



The magic you believe in as a child is a bit different than the magic you believe as an adult. You don’t have to believe in fairies and shape shifting. Magic is more of a feeling than an actual event. Enjoy the moments that feel magical, like a first kiss or your wedding day. Believe that your life will have plenty of magical moments in the future, and that you’ll love every single one.


Happy Endings

Storybooks aren’t the only place where people live happily ever after. In real life, things are a bit messier, but happiness is a possibility. Events and relationships don’t always end badly, even if it seems like they do. One day, your life will feel like a fairy tale. You’ll meet your prince, find your treasure, and live happily ever after.



Everyone wonders what the meaning of life is. Everyone has their own view on what they want to achieve and what person they want to be. You need to believe that your life has meaning, even if you’re unsure of what that meaning is. You can’t go through life feeling that every move you make is pointless. You have to believe that there is a reason for your existence.



Whether you’re struggling with alcohol abuse or self-harm, you can overcome your issue. By beating something so difficult, you’ll become a stronger person. You can always change your habits and conquer your addictions. It’s a difficult process, but you have the ability to better yourself. You just have to believe that you can recover with your own strength and willpower.



When you’re a kid, everyone tells you that you can be anything you want to be. You can be president or a doctor or a famous singer. As you age, people start to criticize your desires and try to bring you back to reality. Don’t let anyone’s doubts faze you. Remember how it felt to be a child and believe that anything was possible. Hold onto that feeling and know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Growing older doesn’t mean that we know better than we once did. There are tons of things that we can learn from our childhood selves. What else did you believe in as a child?

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its story of my life .. which i need to believe

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