7 Helpful Mantras to Get You through Rough Times ...


If you have rough moment in your day, there are many helpful mantras that can help you get through. A mantra is an utterance of a word or group of words to yourself that have the power to shape your frame of mind in order to achieve a desired outcome. If you are having a rough time, wake up with a bad thought, or are presented with a challenge at any point during your day, take a moment to center yourself with a mantra. Remember who you are, your goals, and your dreams. Having a mantra or two in your back pocket for times like these is incredibly helpful to refocus your day and reshape the energy you want around you. The power of intent is amazing. If you are interested, below is a list of seven helpful mantras to help you get through rough times.

1. It’s a Good Day to Have a Good Day

There is a moment in the morning, right after we wake up but are still in bed, when anything seems possible. Our minds feel fresh and the day ahead feels full of positive potential. It’s a tiny blip of time in the span of our entire day. It is also a wonderful opportunity to set the tone for the day ahead. The mantra, “It’s A Good Day To Have A Good Day” is great because it reminds us that each day is a gift. This is one of many helpful mantras that I like to use to start my day.

Head up, Heart Open
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