How to Deal with Negative Emotions ...


How to Deal with Negative Emotions ...
How to Deal with Negative Emotions ...

This is a subject that may seem vary vague, and it sure is. That’s why in this article I really want to pinpoint the keys to dealing with negative emotions, at least what works best for me. It’s a step by step guide I’m proposing you to discover with me.

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Recognise the Emotion

It’s hard sometimes, especially when really overwhelmed, to even see that the emotion is present. Being aware that it’s there is going to mean you can't ignore it and force you to face it. You can do this by calming down and saying it out loud maybe; it’s a way to make an abstract emotion get put into words, something you can work with.


Figure out What It is

The goal here is to sit down, see everything that’s around you, understand the context you are in, see what’s bothering you. For every single thing you list, associate the emotion that you’re feeling. Ask yourself all the questions that will allow you to work around this feeling. The key here, is to be true to yourself. If you’re feeling super bad even though, for some reason, you “promised” yourself you would be happy, just say it. By now you would’ve accepted this emotion, and that’s one of the biggest steps.


Understand What It Comes with

While feeling very bad, sad or angry, deceived in yourself etc, you may feel like there’s no good way of seeing it, it’s only the world and universe going against you. Well, it’s not true. There’s a reason why we feel emotions, whether they’re good or bad. Every emotion is a way for the body to send us a sign. Ignoring it is not a good idea because it’ll just come back under the same or another form. So taking it in to account is a way of being true to yourself, to face whatever it is you need to face; maybe fear for example. It’s very tempting and easy to just ignore anything that’s hard to face, because it shows you and faults, your weak points, so it gets uncomfortable. But how would you get better, get to know yourself, achieve your goals if you’re living with someone who isn’t truly you? Where could that get you? It’s fundamental to take in account each and every side of yourself to be able to move on in life, to move forward.


Analyse That Message

This is the hardest part. It’s when you’ll need to concentrate on the message. Honestly, it’s different for every person. It demands lots of effort, and for example what I do is this: I clear my head out by meditating just a couple minutes, then I think about the parts of my body that hurt, since pain is probably my body’s way of communicating with me. I concentrate on it, and I try to imagine what can possibly cause it. I try to stay as neutral as possible to kind of analyse it; where does it hurt exactly? Is it my muscle? My bone? How does it hurt? This technique is really helpful to be conscious of your body, and to evaluate on a scale not how much it hurts but how it affects you. So at the end you’re actually putting your emotion in to a physical region and creating the link between those two.


Find the Cause

So now you just have to find what you’ve been doing in your life that may contribute to the pain; maybe training too much? Maybe eating the wrong things? Then think about why you do it, how you do it, how to stop it, and how to fix it.


Chose Your Emotion

This is the last step, my favorite. After analysing the emotion, treating it, giving it the attention it deserves, I do this last thing that just ends the whole process in a good way. I just sit in silence, clear my mind, and once everything is clear, I smile and maybe even start laughing. What’s important to know is I don’t do it by forcing myself, it just comes to me. By smiling, I kind of just attach the negative emotion to a good memory, a good side, and I’m ready to move on. This is not ignoring it or hiding it since I already took it in consideration. It just feels good to move on in my day by smiling and kind of rewarding myself of taking time to acknowledge what my body had to tell me.

I truly hope this article has helped you understand what emotions are, and how important they are for our well being! Try and do this, it’s life changing!

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