Dump the Drama - Melodramatic Traits That'll Make You Unpopular ...


You may think you're a calm and likable person, but if you possess a few melodramatic traits, you might be alienating your friends and family without realizing it. Most people don't have the patience to deal with a drama queen or king. For that matter, you owe it to yourself to recognize melodramatic traits you possess – traits that can make you unpopular.

1. Stop Turning Little Issues into Big Ones

Everyone's has a melodramatic moment from time to time, these are usually tolerable and easily forgiven by peers. But if you're constantly being melodramatic, your friends might lose their patience. And one of the biggest ways to determine if you're a drama queen is to consider whether you're always turning little issues into big ones. If nothing can ever roll off your shoulder, and if you're always reading in between the lines trying to prove others are out to get you, this type of behavior not only makes you unpopular, but unlikable.

Do You Exaggerate Actual Events?
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