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7 Good Things about Who You Are ...

By Ebangha

When life hits you like a ton of bricks, you just need to know some good things about who you are. I do not think that it is possible to maintain perfection. I do know that it is possible to get back up when you have fallen. I know that resurgence is possible, and so is your ultimate success. Let this list remind you of some of the good things about who you are.

1 You Are You

One of the good things about who you are is the fact that you are you. Yes, this is supposed to be some big cliché, but it is actually very, very true. No one can ever be you. They may try their best. They may pull the best impression, like the Elvis impersonators of Las Vegas. However, no one will be fooled. You are the best person to play your role and do not forget that. The world needs someone just like you.

2 You Are Amazing

No, I am not trying to be funny. You are amazing just as you are. There is something uniquely different about you, and it must be celebrated. Do not ever let anyone around you who does not believe that you are amazing. Their bad vibes are not essential to life, but your joy is essential to your life. Invest in yourself. Love yourself. Do this not so others can know how amazing you are, but so that you can feel it in your own heart.

3 You Have Compassion

Maybe you are like me and cannot seem to pass up a homeless person without give them a bottle of water or buying them a meal. Perhaps you spend hours every week volunteering at your local food bank. These things are just a few of the ways people can give of themselves to others, and maybe that is the way you show your compassion for the well-being of others. Well, news flash: our communities need that.

4 Your Works do Not Go Unnoticed

Sometimes, we feel like the things we do go unnoticed. We think that no one sees what we are capable of, but we are wrong. Not matter who you are or how little you think your niche in this world is, someone notices the good that you do. Keep doing it.

5 Your Self-Respect Counts for a Lot

If you are reading this article, then you probably want to improve on who you are. You probably respect yourself enough to know that it is your character that needs to be the foundation of who you are. Not you looks. Not your body. Just your character, first and foremost. When you respect yourself, you are amazing. These days it seems like self-respect just flies out the window when an opportunity for 15 minutes of fame or hundreds of “likes” presents itself. I just hope that you hold on to your integrity and character because those things are truly worthwhile.

6 There is Power in Your Words

You know those tiny things that spew from your mouth? Those words are powerful. You have the ability to change lives with your words. Use them often when you plan to use them well. Allow the thoughts in your heart to touch the hearts of others.

7 The World Needs You

I know that it is a cliché in many TV shows to have one episode where one of the main characters is shown how life would be without them, but sometimes, we all need to look at life that way. The activities we are involved in, the times we speak up, and the moments when we each take a stand count for something. Do not ever let yourself believe that your good deeds are insignificant.

You are amazing. Even if you just cannot see it, someone does. How will you be your awesome self?

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