19 Things for Girls in Their 20s to do to Be Happier Later on in Life ...


19 Things for Girls in Their 20s to do to Be Happier Later on in Life ...
19 Things for Girls in Their 20s to do to Be Happier Later on in Life ...

The choices you make every day have an impact on your happiness. And while you’re young you might feel invincible and that even negative choices can be ironed out so they don’t leave an imprint on your future. But wouldn’t it be better if you made more good choices than questionable ones? These are decisions and actions you can make and take that will pay it forward for your future.

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Screw Society

Screw Society Tear up the traditional, old-fashioned ‘rule book’ for what is expected of 20 somethings. If you get married at 25, that is great, but you also shouldn’t feel like a failure if you don’t want to. Write your own rules!


The Two C’s

The Two C’s It’s vital that you finally learn how to incorporate the two Cs in to your life: communication and compromise. When we are children we are all inherently selfish, but going forward in to adulthood you have to learn to live in harmony with others.


Seek Your Passion

Seek Your Passion Don’t give up on your dreams early in your life. Commit to always striving for your goals, no matter how long it is going to take.


Find Your Talent

Find Your Talent Look within yourself and discover what your true talents are. Knowing what they are will stand in great stead for making positive choices going forward.


Live Your Own Dream

Live Your Own Dream Do not be pressured by your parents in to following a path that you never wanted to go down. Be strong in your convictions and live your own dream.


Be Honest

Be Honest Don’t live a false life on social media that makes you out to be something you are not. Live and love your truth and you will feel much more complete.


Command Respect

Command Respect If you are a good person, then you deserve to be respected by everybody. Have courage in your convictions and don’t stand for any unwarranted disrespect that might come your way.


Be Curious

Be Curious Never lose your sense of wonder and curiosity with the world. Becoming a true cynic will do nothing but limit your possibilities in life.



Explore Don’t settle down too early. Do some exploring in your early adulthood so that you don’t feel unfulfilled in your later years.


Practice Humility

Practice Humility Being humble is one of the most important life lessons to master. Remember that you are not entitled to anything and that every day is a gift.


Don’t Be Lazy

Don’t Be Lazy Try to avoid continually pressing snooze on that alarm clock. Make the most of the days you have and don’t get into the habit of being too lazy.


Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet The sooner you adopt healthy eating or change your diet, the longer you are going to be able to feel the benefits of it for.


Get Some Sun

Get Some Sun Getting out in the sun, even for as little as ten minutes a day, can have a really positive impact on your health and your mood.


Spice It up

Spice It up Adding a little spice to your meals every now and then can give your metabolism a boost and make you feel much healthier in the long run.


Stand up

Stand up Studies have proven that standing up even for only 15 minutes a day can make a big difference for your long-term health.


Fun Exercise

Fun Exercise Find a type of exercise that you actually enjoy doing. It doesn’t feel like such a chore that way and you will be inspired to work out much more often.


Meat Free Days

Meat Free Days I’m not suggesting you go full vegetarian, but perhaps try something like ‘Meat Free Mondays’ to see if it makes a difference for your body and digestion in the long run. Plus it's kinda' cool to call yourself a flexitarian.


No Tech Zone

No Tech Zone Commit to making your bedroom a no tech zone. You will feel much less zombie-like if your phone does keep you up until the early hours of the morning!


Get a Good Doctor

Get a Good Doctor Get yourself sorted out with a good doctor who you will be able to stay with for the years to come. It’s great to have one physician who you can build a relationship with; it keeps your future health care consistent.

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Meat and dairy has been linked with heart diseases and different types of cancer. Overall, taking them away from your diet is the healthiest thing you can do. You just need to know how to do it right. Lots of fruits and eating enough calories and carbohydrates. Which is plenty. And to the other commenter: everything has protein. You can find protein anywhere. Plus, too much protein can also be a bad thing too.

People should definitely become vegan or vegetarian though. Anything that comes from an animal is not healthy

You think so? How is it not healthy? Doesn't it it provide the protein you

Ashia, I've been a vegetarian for 6 months and I feel great and yes meat has so much protein but even too much protein is bad, and either way you can find protein everywhere. It is not only in meat :) by the way, I also want to go vegan! There's also studies about how being vegetarian or vegan is very healthy for you. Because after all, meat and dairy are linked to different diseases

I mean think about it, eating another species when we are not carnivores (maybe not even omnivores, probs not) and drinking the milk meant for their babies (which is supposed to make the calf grow twice it's size in a week) can't possibly be healthy. They inject hormones and yeah, not natural or healthy. I'm not trying to attack anyone's eating habitd by the way, I'm just trying to clarify a bit.

For you*

@meagan yes that I also believe is right... People should eat what suits them... I just wanted also get to know a bit more about people option on being vegetarian. :)

The heck is a flexitarian? Lol but yay for veganism! 2 years going vegan and it feels great, inside and out. Check out YouTube channel Revolution Bloom. They have awesome recipes and it's easy to follow :) Animals are friends, not food 💚

Eating too much of something is never a good thing as people say... So you are of course a vegetarian... Have you ever considered eating meat again? And is it your ethical opinion or for Health reasons you don't like eating meat?

How are you

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