7 Chinese Philosophical Quotes to Help Celebrate 🎆the 🐉Chinese New Year 🐕 ...

How great is it that at least one-fifth of the world celebrates another new year on February 5th? Two new years within six weeks of each other gives me the strength to renew the resolutions I thought about on January 1st and it inspires me to think about other more philosophical things. The Chinese New Year is celebrated once a year at the turn of the Chinese lunisolar calendar; 2019 will be the Year of the Pig (each year is assigned a dominant animal which rotate every twelve years). Commonly known as the ‘Spring Festival’ and traditionally a time to celebrate and honor deities and ancestors, regional and international Chinatown celebrations vary widely. In fact, many customs are practiced – lion dances, fireworks, family meals, visiting relatives, giving red envelopes and decorations. Here are some quotes from Chinese philosophers to help you ring in 2019's New Year!

1. Become Yourself

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I really admire this quote as it reminds me of the purity of Self. It’s especially great to remind yourself about ‘being you’ at the beginning of each New Year. The philosopher Lao Tzu (Laozi) was such a great Chinese poet and is most famous for his book, “Tao Te Ching”. He is also the founder of Taoism. Make it a point not to imitate others or be like others - just be true to you! It takes plenty of courage not to compare or compete with others (especially being female, we frequently compare our attributes to those of other women). Reading this quote often will hopefully inspire you to just be beautiful you.

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