7 Budget Friendly Ways to Uplift Your Spirit ...

There is no reason to hit the shops or to enjoy expensive goodies when you’re down, because there are some nice budget friendly ways to uplift your spirit. Yes, it is nice to treat yourself to something like a new pair of shoes, but what about the guilt you feel when your credit card statement arrives? You’re back in the position of needing another pick me up. With these budget friendly ways to uplift your spirit, you can feel better without issue or guilt.

1. Enjoy the Natural World

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One of the world’s greatest gifts is Mother Nature and the great thing about it is that all that wonder and beauty is absolutely free to be enjoyed at any time, any place. When you need quick and easy and cheap ways to uplift your spirit, just look around you. See beauty in the clouds, the flowers, the trees, a duck swimming on a pond. On a sunny day, park your bum in a lawn chair and let the rays warm your skin and soul. On a rainy day, snuggle up inside with your favorite movie and know you are safe and warm. Whatever you choose, enjoy the embrace of one of Mother Nature’s hugs.

2. Creative Expression

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You don’t have to be arty to get a boost from the creative talents of others. Art and music are two fabulous mood lifters and even better, there are plenty of free ways to uplift your spirits with either or both of them. Free music everywhere; if not on the radio or cable, check out some of the local busking haunts. Art galleries are usually free too. They don’t have to be grandiose museum affairs. Check out your local galleries to see what inspires others and give your own spirit a nudge in the right direction.

3. Clear Clutter

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While some find cleaning therapeutic (I don’t!), you can give it more of a sense of achievement by having a real go at your clutter and getting rid of it. But, don’t just trash it. Take it along to a charity or thrift shop. It will give your spirits a boost to know that someone will be able to buy something they might not have been able to afford, or that money raised from your stuff is going to fund research into incurable diseases.

4. Seek out a Friend

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You don’t need reasons to spend time with friends, but who better to make you feel uplifted? Put the world to rights, diss the men in your life, tell a few jokes and stories, share old memories or create new ones – even just half hour in your BFF’s company can do wonders for your spirits.

5. Work It, Walk It

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Forget those sterile places full of equipment, get out instead into Mother Nature’s gym. There’s no equal to the free workout program that is a jolly good walk. By yourself, with a friend or even with a dog, a walk is the chance to be at one with yourself. Let those feel good endorphins battle with those nasty mood trampling demons. A simple walk is one of the easiest ways to uplift your spirit.

6. Share Yourself

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It’s a cliché that there is always someone else, somewhere, worse off that you, but sadly, it’s also true. Rather than bemoan your lot, or wish after things you haven’t got, or can’t have, think about those who have less than you. Spend a few hours volunteering or working for the good of your local community, being amongst positive people, and you’ll feel better about yourself; so much so you’ll forget why you were down in the first place.

7. Break the Routine

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Routine, unfortunately, can lead to drudgery and drudgery means a dampened spirit. Break the routine by thinking of ways to renew your spirit that are cheap and easy and fun to do. Book a day off work, grab you camera and go on a photography hike. Sign up for a drumming class (work out your frustrations on those drums). Have a horse riding lesson. Go to the bus station or the train station and see where a ticket costing $10 or $20 can take you for the day. You’ll feel better for just doing something different today.

There are many ways to uplift your spirit without needing money or to add to the balance of your credit card. Some surprising little things can make you feel good. You may just have to remember what they are, or learn to appreciate some things you have a little more. What do you do when you’re down?

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