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7 Bitter Life Truths You Need to Hear ...

By Charissa

Life as we know it is filled with bitter life truths. People are swift to tell you their stories of success and that the outcome is all worth it if you just keep going. No doubt that is all true, but I feel they should give just as much weight as to what life can suck from you and that it can leave you broken as well. The fantasy can be real, but so is the nightmare that you have to tread through. It’s best to swallow, digest and accept these bitter life truths and take life as it comes.

1 Life is Unfair

At one moment or another you will utter these three words. In fact, you might have already said it several times before. "Life is unfair" is just one of those bitter life truths that you might be aware of but rather be in denial. Life is unfair when others get what you worked so hard for with so much as blink of an eye. Life is unfair when it chooses to knock you down before you can dust the dirt off your knees and life is unfair when the good die young. But while you are busy throwing your hands up in the air and stressing over this exasperating truth, you should recall that though life can be unfair, in some ways it has also been kind to you that others would wish for.

2 You Don’t Control Every Circumstance, You Never Did

You can’t out run the bad stuff. The good, the bad and the ugly – it’s all part of life. You can hide or you can run until your lungs are sore but bad things will still happen whether you think you deserve it or not. Some you see coming and others just materialize out of nowhere giving you no chance to brace for impact. Just remember good things occur too whether you think deserve it or not.

3 Pain is a Necessary Evil

Pain comes in all forms. It can come in the betrayal of a lover or in the foolishness of your mistake. But there will come a time in your life where you will feel pain so intense that it will threaten to split your heart into two. When it comes choose not to be paralyzed by the pain but instead choose to learn from it for some lessons can only be learnt through anguish.

4 People Will Judge You, Always

Everyone judges the other. Even the ones that say they don’t. We've all been on the receiving end but we've also been the offender too. People are going to judge you no matter what. You can do good and all they will choose to remember is the bad. Some judgments are nice to hear while some will sting but not all are true. Don’t be too caught up with what others think of you, their opinions don’t necessarily determine your value.

5 Not All Your Dreams Will Come True

Whether it’s God or fate, sometimes things don’t work out simply because you are not meant to be on that path. You might not understand why and it will hurt like hell when someone else lives your dream down to the very detail. But dreams can change and that’s a good thing. Just like how the same dreams you set to achieve at 10 can be very different from what you want now. It’s alright to let some dreams die and find new ones but it’s also alright to fight in the midst of hopelessness because some dreams take a little longer to come true.

6 Sometimes Your Best Isn't Enough

Just because you give your best at something doesn't mean you are guaranteed success. You can work very hard and give it all you got and still fail miserably. You will be surprised at how often this can occur. Everyone fails at something. You are no exception. It’s how you choose to be defined by it that matters. The satisfaction of saying you tried makes for a better story than walking away.

7 Sometimes the Choice is between the Lesser of Two Evils

There’s always a choice. Your options might be limited but you always have a choice. Unfortunately life isn't always going to offer a bed of roses to choose from. Making a choice is never easy and not choosing either is a choice itself. It’s said every choice carries a consequence but while the choice is in your hands, rarely is the outcome what you thought it would be.

Life is full of lessons waiting to be learnt and these are my two cents worth. Yes, life is different for everybody but there are some universal truths that you can’t deny. Are there any nuggets of wisdom you want to share?

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