7 Helpful Steps on the Journey to Healing the Wounds of Your past ...

By Alicia

Healing the wounds of your past isn’t always easy. You have to be ready to do that and have the desire to overcome the hurts that may have held you back for a very long time. Your wounds may be from your childhood, a failed relationship or many other different scenarios. Thankfully, healing the wounds of your past is possible.

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1 Accept It Happened

The first step toward healing the wounds of your past is to accept that whatever hurt you so deeply happened. So many times we war against ourselves at the unfairness of it and how terrible it was that we don’t come to a place of accepting it. Accepting it does not mean you approve of it and the impact it had on your life. It means that you stop fighting against the inevitable, which is the impact it has on your life. It is only then that you can begin to move forward.

2 Feel the Emotions

Next is the really hard part. You stop avoiding all of the heartache, you stop denying that it was bad and you allow yourself to feel the emotions. You allow yourself to be hurt and sad if that is what it makes you feel. You get very real with yourself and your feelings. You acknowledge what you are really feeling and that your feelings are valid.

3 Work through Your Anger

You will probably find that you have a degree of anger when you go through your emotions. That is perfectly okay. If someone hurt you, you have a right to feel anger. What matters is what you do with it. You do not want to repress that anger; you want to express it in a healthy way. Writing an anger letter that you never give the person you are writing it to can help you to do this.

4 Work on Forgiveness

Next, you need to begin to work on forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean that the hurt didn’t happen. It happened and you will always remember it. But it is a way of letting go of the feeling that continues to hurt you. You are choosing to not allow that hurt to poison you any longer.

5 Begin Moving on

After you reach a point of forgiveness, you will be amazed how much lighter and freer that you feel. You will be ready to begin moving on with your life. No longer do those past hurts have to be a defining part of you. You will always carry a scar but it is but a small part of you. Moving past those hurts is one of the sweetest blessings you will ever experience.

6 Your past Does Not Define You

Many times we feel as if things that happened to us make us who we are. If we were the victim of something bad, we see ourselves as that victim forever. You do not have to retain victim status. You can choose to be a victor over what happened to you. Victims are powerless while victors are powerful. Choosing to be powerful is the better choice.

7 Look to a Bright Future

You can look toward a bright future. Once you have dealt with past hurts and worked on healing the wounds of your past, the future will look so bright. You will see what your life can have in store for you. You begin to feel more joyful. You begin to find happiness in the small things of life again.

These steps can bring you healing and triumph over the wounds of your past. Did this article offer you hope in overcoming those past hurts? I truly hope it did.

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I think it's great to be reflective but past is in the past so I wouldn't even dwell on it.


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