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If you have heard of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, you may know something about the great books she has written and I would like to share some of the best quotes from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross that are sure to make you contemplate life. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was a Swiss American psychiatrist and was passionate about the subject of death. She is most famous for her 1969 publication, "On Death and Dying," in which she states there are five stages of grief. One of my favorite books is by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler and is called Life Lessons. It truly is a life-changing and inspiring book and will transform your life and the way in which you look at things. Here are some best quotes from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross to give you a flavor of her wisdom.

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Unconditional Love

mammal,black and white,marine mammal,biology,whales dolphins and porpoises, Loving oneself unconditionally is a tricky business. How many of us spend so much time beating ourselves up over what has been and gone, and chastising ourselves for not being our perception of perfection? Loving oneself unconditionally is one of the steps to happiness and fulfillment, which is why this is one of the best quotes from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.


The Silence within

ecosystem,plant,biology,flower,grass family, When I first started meditating, it was so hard to silence the incessant voices in my head. They whirl around, each competing with each other, and it was a challenge to stop those conversations in my head when sitting in silence and just being. This quote reminds me a little of the need to be silent within at all times and to walk through life with that meditative state of mind, observing and being without judgment and truly accepting things as they are.


What a Waste?

BrainGate,text,font,handwriting,product, I love this quote and it really reminds me that having regrets about what has been and gone is futile. We spend so much time agonizing over the shoulda woulda couldas that we forget that it has been and gone and cannot be changed.


Opinions Vs. Problems

dog breed,dog,nose,dog like mammal,puppy love, Don't you find that we spend so much time seeking approval from others that we forget to live and enjoy living? This quote reminds me not to care what others think but to do what I feel is right. After all, other people's opinions are their problem, not mine! You will truly be on the path to inner piece if you adopt this mantra.


The Struggle

FIFA 15,text,black and white,font,monochrome photography, It's true, life is precious and we do not know when it's going to end, which is why it's important to live in the present, not in the past or future. Do your best to be the best version of you that you can be, making use of the beauty of your struggles, and savor every waking moment as though it could potentially be our last.



Idefics,text,font,handwriting,commemorative plaque, There seems to be a reversal of topic taboos. In the Victorian ages, death was not a taboo subject but sex certainly was. Today however, we shy away from talking about death but we have no qualms talking about sex! Death is something that people find it uncomfortable to acknowledge and accept, but as morbid as it may sound, we're all going to meet our maker sooner or later and this is something we cannot escape from. Kubler-Ross reminds us that we can only truly understand living by taking a closer look at dying.


Love YOU, Too!

Eventos,text,font,biology,emotion, Sometimes, we really forget to love the most important person there is, ourselves. Be a little kinder to yourself and love yourself that little bit more. You'll feel wonderful for it!



text,green,font,biology,brand, Accepting responsibility for our actions can be tricky, but we find it so much easier to blame others for what has happened. Accepting responsibility is not the same as perpetually blaming oneself though. It's about understanding that everything we do and say has an effect on others.


A Graduation

text,font,handwriting,wood,brand, This is another quote about death, but quotes about death and dying are not morbid and morose. Death is part of living and it surrounds us in nature and in everything. I think seeing death as a graduation and as something to be celebrated is a liberating way of viewing something which affects each and everyone of us. As the saying goes, there are only two inevitabilities in life: death and taxes!

These are some of my favorite quotes by the late and great Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. If you haven't already, I would definitely recommend reading Life Lessons, as it is an illuminating look at life and the way in which we should be living it for the better. Which are your favorite quotes? Has anyone else read Life Lessons?

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I like #8. I believe that when I take responsibility for what goes on in my life that cause me hardship I tend to be able to step back n try to better myself, especially with making better choices

Truly inspiring.

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