7 Sure Signs All Free Thinkers Have in Common 💁 ...


Ever wonder what some common traits of free thinkers are?

Free thinkers tend to shape our world. Whether it’s a mind blowing revelation that changes the course of history or just a simple improvement to someone’s everyday life, that ability to think outside the box and not be held captive by the dominant view is an admirable quality. This is a skill you can actually learn. If you want to be novel and an agent of change – whatever the scale – here are common traits of free thinkers you should cultivate:

1. You Aren’t Limited by the Rules

Are you a free-thinker? One way to tell is if you aren’t limited by the rules of institutions or societies. That isn’t to say you are trying to be a trouble-maker. It just means that you understand rules for what they are - a way to control people. Sometimes rules are beneficial, like stoplights at a busy intersection for example. But free thinkers resist the pressure of rules and come up with some startling and innovative new ideas, many of which upset the status quo.

You Avoid Group Mentality
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