The Real ✊🏼 Reasons Why You Should ALWAYS πŸ’― Be Yourself ✌🏼️ ...

Have you ever heard the phrase 'Be yourself: everyone else is already taken'? Too many people aren't happy within themselves though, and feel that they need to put on an act. But spending your life wishing you were someone else, or trying to be the person others want you to be, is a waste. It won't make you happy. So these are the reasons why you should always be yourself …

1. You Shouldn't Try Too Hard to Please Other People

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Too often we try to be what someone else wants us to be; parents and partners often have expectations that shape us. But being a people pleaser means that you lose something of your essential self. You're not being who you really are, and that's stressful. Plus you probably can't really please the people you're trying to please. People should love you for the person you are, not who they'd like you to be.

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