The Real Reasons Why You Should ALWAYS Be Yourself ...


The Real Reasons Why You Should ALWAYS Be Yourself ...
The Real Reasons Why You Should ALWAYS Be Yourself ...

Have you ever heard the phrase 'Be yourself: everyone else is already taken'? Too many people aren't happy within themselves though, and feel that they need to put on an act. But spending your life wishing you were someone else, or trying to be the person others want you to be, is a waste. It won't make you happy. So these are the reasons why you should always be yourself …

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You Shouldn't Try Too Hard to Please Other People

You Shouldn't Try Too Hard to Please Other People Too often we try to be what someone else wants us to be; parents and partners often have expectations that shape us. But being a people pleaser means that you lose something of your essential self. You're not being who you really are, and that's stressful. Plus you probably can't really please the people you're trying to please. People should love you for the person you are, not who they'd like you to be.


Trying to fit into a mold crafted by someone else's expectations is an endless and exhausting pursuit. Over time, the joy of accomplishments is diminished because they're not truly your own. Remember, authenticity radiates a unique beauty that is far more fulfilling than a fleeting pat on the back for being someone else's idea of perfect. When you embrace your individuality, you not only become a beacon of self-assurance but also inspire those around you to appreciate the vibrancy of being true to oneself.


You're a Unique Individual

You're a Unique Individual Do you think you have nothing much to offer? You're wrong - everyone brings something to the world. You're a unique individual, and part of the fabric that makes up the lives of others. Maybe you're not perfect - nobody is - but you have characteristics that make you an interesting person.


You Only Get One Life

You Only Get One Life We only get one shot at this, so why waste that shot trying to be someone you're not? And what's wrong with the person you are? Learn to be comfortable in your own skin and accept who you are. Don't waste your life wishing you were different or trying desperately to be someone else.


Embracing your individuality paves the way for a more authentic, fulfilling life. After all, every second spent in the pursuit of an unrealistic ideal is a moment lost in discovering the joy of your true self. What you'll find is that authenticity attracts, and those drawn to your genuine nature will be your true allies in life's journey. Treasure the quirks that make you unique; they're the brushstrokes of your own masterpiece. After all, life's richness lies not in conformity, but in embracing and celebrating the one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is you.


Wanting to Be Someone else Makes You Feel Empty

Wanting to Be Someone else Makes You Feel Empty The media is full of aspirational images that make us want a different life - and it's invariably based around a consumer lifestyle. We want the luxury lifestyle of celebs, or their expensive beauty regime. But that's a pretty empty feeling, because it's based on shallow foundations - and wanting to be a different person, rather than who we really are.


Being Yourself is Honest

Being Yourself is Honest The most honest way to live your life is by being yourself. Some people may not like it, as they'd like to shape who you are and how you live. But that's too bad; your real obligation is to yourself. And rather than wanting something you can't have, you'll be living an honest and fulfilling life.


You Can Relax, Rather than Putting on an Act

You Can Relax, Rather than Putting on an Act Trying to put on an act is exhausting. You have to expend so much energy in trying to please others or present the image you want them to have. It's probably wasted effort; people respond so much more positively to the authentic you. And if they don't care for the real you, that's cool - you can't please everyone.


It Makes You Truly Happy

It Makes You Truly Happy Ultimately, there's something so liberating about being the real you. It makes you so happy. I spent decades hiding the true me, and since I've had the chance to express that authentic me it's made me so happy. There's no going back - the real me is here to stay!

So don't hide the person you are or try to be different; it's one thing trying to be a better version of yourself, but another hiding who you really are. Be yourself - you're a one-off!

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My church sermon was on this today. Great and important topic:)

Typo Shakespeare annoying iPhone

I think this article is right on!!! I am trying more and more to be myself, I don't like the feeling of being tense, just so that I have to please anyone.

This is ironic because every gif is of an actor acting and not being themselves

Be yourself be free ! Please only yourself don't give a weasle!!

I like it so much

This 'be yourself ' can be a little construed at times! You don't always have to be your so called self whatever that actually means as slake spear said the world is a stage and I say act because no one is ever themselves! Just saying!!!!

I feel comfortable if I don't hide my true me.

Thank you so much for this I really needed to hear this.

Your so nice

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