So You're Wrong: How to Admit It with Grace and Humility ...


It’s hard to admit you’re wrong.

So many of us either let something hang than admit it.

Others will argue the hind leg off a donkey to insist they are right even though they know they are wrong.

And some will try and admit they’re wrong but qualify their error with a “but…” trying to cancel out the mistake by deflecting the issue.

It’s a sign of confidence and class when you can admit you’re wrong and do it with grace and humility.

Here’s how:

1. Learn from Your Mistake

Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes to be on the losing side of an argument, whether it’s between friends, family, or strangers.

Not only must you learn how to admit you’re wrong, but you need to learn from your mistakes to try and make sure you don’t have to be in that position again.

It’s awkward for you and for your company, but think about how you contributed to the argument and resolve not to do it again.

2. Show Some Humility

There is nothing worse than a sore loser.

If you have made a mistake and the time has finally come to admit it and take it on the chin, try to do so with as great a degree of class and humility as you can.

By showing that you know how to be graceful in defeat, you will be able to come away with some dignity intact and will have saved yourself further arguments down the line.

3. Do Not Make Excuses

By the time an argument has run its natural course, it is often pretty clear who the fault and blame lies with.

If this ever happens to be you, the absolute worst thing you can do is try to make excuses for your poor behavior.

By being an adult, owning up to your part in the conflict, apologizing with meaning and ending on honest terms, your company will leave the argument with a much higher opinion of you then if you had tried to come up with a handful of lame excuses.

Don’t Sulk
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